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MySurvey – Limited Openings

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MySurvey is one of the few survey companies I like and recommend. What I love most about it is that you get points for filling out the lifestyle surveys (profiles to help qualify you for surveys) and you even get points if you start a survey and don’t qualify.

Your points can be redeemed for many things such as toys, electronics, various gift cards, or have money put into your PayPal account. I receive about 10 or more emails a week for new surveys that are available to me.

Sign up now for free, they only have limited openings each day!

**The other survey company I really like is Opinion Outpost**



  1. Thanks for the info. I am looking for a good survey company. It is so annoying when you fill out tons of questions and then don’t qualify for the actual survey! How long have you been participating?

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