NCP Home Scan Accepting New Applicants

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National Consumer Panel is looking to add new member to their Home Scan Consumer Panel. If you qualify, they send you a handheld scanner and every time you or anyone in your household shop, you simply scan the products. Each week you upload the purchases to your computer and send in the information. You earn points for sending in the purchases and also completing surveys and polls. The points can be redeem for merchandise from their rewards catalog. The longer you are with them, the more points you get and the faster it is to accumulate them.

I have not been accepted to the program (I still try time and time again), but I have read many reviews about it and it seems simple and it doesn’t take that long. A few Nifty Mom readers had been doing it for a few years and really enjoy it. One reader lets her daughter scan each item and she loves doing it.

If you are interested, simply fill out these few questions. If you do not qualify, they keep your information and will contact you when they have openings. It depends on your demographics and their needs at the time. It took one reader 7 times of trying, but she finally got accepted, so keep trying! New zip codes added! Openings are limited!

Apply today! (Start by clicking above)


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