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Literary Sweet is celebrating hitting the 1k mark on both Facebook and Twitter.   This will be a rather unique giveaway.  This giveaway will be for a total of four (4) physical books of your choice, and there can only be one winner. has a special going on 4 for the price of 3, and it spans multiple genres. What you are winning is the chance to pick any 4 books from the following pages found here. This list does change from time to time, so please keep this in mind.

Now here are the short rules and information:

1.) You must be 18+ to enter. If you are under this age, please just have a parent enter for you.
2.) If chosen as the winner, you must respond within 48 hours to the winning e-mail I send out.
3.) You will then have another 48 Hours to choose your selections. If for any reason a choice is sold out, you’ll be asked to make another selection.
4.) This giveaway is open internationally
5.) This giveaway is not affiliated with, facebook, or twitter.
6.) Literary Sweet will take responsibility of mailing all prizes.


Book it Your Way Winner

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  • Beth campbell


  • Lori Thomas

    historical fiction, horror, mystery,thrillers&suspense

  • Donna George

    Mystery and detective fiction

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