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Give Back to U.S. Troops with Kernel Season’s + My Hero Is…

Kernel Season's LogoI am always for supporting our troops and I love seeing all the different ways people and companies show their support. I was excited to learn about what Kernel Season’s is doing for October, National Popcorn Month. For every picture of a hero that is posted on their Facebook page this month, they will donate an entire case of Kernel Season’s seasonings overseas to the U.S. Troops! What a great campaign and it’s easy to participate.

My hero is my little brother. Sometimes, it’s still hard to believe my little brother has grown up to be such an honorable man. He joined the Marines over 5 years ago and has completed two tours in Afghanistan. During his first deployment, my nephew (his son) was born. Fast forward about two years after that, a few days before he deployed for his second tour, they found out they were expecting their second child. Luckily, he was only overseas for six months, so was home for her arrival. This is the picture I posted of my brother and his family the day he returned home from his second tour. I love you, Shane and you make me proud to be your big sis!

It’s not to late to help out and post a picture of your hero (they don’t have to be in the military). So lets all help send some flavor overseas to our U.S. Troops! Click here to visit their Facebook Page.

So, who’s your hero?

I received samples in exchange for this post, but all opinions are 100% mine. Photo courtesy of CLB-8’s Facebook Page.

Supporting our Troops – Projects in the Works

The last time i got some toothpaste for free at Walgreens and I was putting it away, I realized I am now up to 5 tubes of toothpaste. I know that it will get used eventually, but it got me thinking… What do I do if I keep getting free or close-to-free toothpaste? I don’t want my stockpile to look like the people that were on TLC’s Extreme Couponing that were borderline hoarders (in my opinion). Then, the gears starting turning…

My brother is currently in the Marines and he is in the middle of his second deployment in Afghanistan. What better way to help support him and the troops? I have started a box that I am going to fill with not only my stockpile overflow, but also free samples I get. When it fills, I will send it overseas. I am going to call this project, “Stockpiling for our Military“.

With this in mind, I somehow landed on a website that is dedicated sending expired coupons to military bases overseas for the military families to use.  I plan on “adopting” a base and sending monthly packages of all my expired coupons. I haven’t finished looking into everything yet, so this is still in its very early stage.

Both projects are still in the works, but I am extremely excited about getting them going. I will provide more information as it develops and please let me know if you are interested in contributing!