Monopoly Game Night or Party Idea – Printable Tags & Water Bottle Wrappers

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Evenings filled with board games and laughter is a great break from the stress of the holiday season.  If you are unplugging and having a game night with the classics, like Monopoly, print out these free tags for guests!

Our game nights are always a blast. Did you see our Hungry Hungry Hippos Game Night?

My husband and I were game-night enthusiasts long before we had kids, though. We would often play board games, such as Monopoly, weekly. The loser had to do predetermined household chores that day. Needless to say, rematches were often.

Thinking further back, I can remember playing Monopoly with my brother and my parents when I was a kid. It is definitely a classic game. It is actually such a classic game that there are hundreds of different editions with various themes.


One of the latest to join our home board game collection is Monopoly Empire. It’s all about filling your tower with brand billboards. It’s definitely more fast-paced than the classic Monopoly and is loads of fun.

One evening we had plans to have friends over for dinner, and I thought it was the perfect time to have a game night afterward, complete with themed treats. 


Before they came over, I put together some snacks to go with Monopoly Empire after dinner.


In clear treat bags, I added a variety of snacks: candy, gum, popcorn, peanut mix, and raisins. For a little added fun, I threw in a fake mustache in each bag. The top is tied off, and a fun tag added (print tags here).


I also made bottle wraps to go around water bottles (print wraps here).


After dinner, I put out the bottles and snack bags on the table in case anyone needed a snack or drink. The snack bags are also great for friends to grab when they are leaving.

Playing Monopoly Empire was a hit, but these game night printables can go with any game night options. The darker-theme printables are geared toward adults or older kids and can even be great for a Monopoly birthday party!



What’s your favorite version of Monopoly?

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