Update – J’aime Kirlew Coupon Fraud on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”

TLC Extreme Couponing J'aime Kirlew Fraud

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TLC Extreme Couponing J'aime Kirlew Fraud Back in April after the first episode of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” aired, there was a massive uproar from the couponing community all over the web. Basically, J’aime Kirlew was shown using coupons for items that she did not appear to purchase. To find out more and see what the stir is all about, read the detailed breakdown Jill Cataldo posted regarding it.

Couponers were impatiently waiting for a response from Kirlew and were asking her to post the receipt from her shopping trip, but she did not respond to anyone and even deleted her Facebook account and created a new one, but didn’t allow others to post to it. Well yesterday, Kirlew finally came out of hiding with an interview with The Wall Street Journal and admits to using the coupons improperly, but still thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. A few of her answers:

You matched barcodes, as long as they worked, rather than products, right?


Do you believe that was the right thing to do?

Yes, I believe that I have done nothing wrong. I’ve even had managers take my purchase and check me out. They’ve told me, “If the coupon goes through at my register, I’m getting reimbursed for it.” I have never been approached by anyone in authority telling me to do something different.

What do you want from this interview?

I want to stop being the Scapegoat. I used a Buddig Deli cut for a 12/16 ounce packet for a 2 ounce packet because the numbers matched. The coupons went through at the register and I did not have any problem.

Read the full article on SmartMoney

The whole controversy that TLC allowed this to air and continue to air is still going as well. A few weeks after it aired, TLC did give a statement to Entertainment Weekly stating:

“We have received a strong response to the premiere and are listening to and reading the various comments around the show — as with all programs, we appreciate the feedback. While the series documents extreme couponing strategies, we take any concerns about specific tactics seriously and are looking into the situation.”

I have not yet seem anything more from TLC since that statement was made.

What are your thoughts?

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9 comments on Update – J’aime Kirlew Coupon Fraud on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”

  • Corri

    Honestly I think that if there was a problem with the way she was coupons then it is the cashiers job to find the problem! I know where I work we are told to check exp. dates, details, and whatever else to make sure the coupon is valid and that is also why we ask for all coupons up front so we can make sure they have the right item listed on the coupon! She knew what she was doing but so did the store!

  • Teri - The Busy Chick

    Wow! I saw that episode. Let’s talk about the real issue. What’s up with the makeup addiction???? Did you see her applying her makeup every ten seconds???

    Great post and thanks for the the follow at TheBusyChick.com! I’m following back!

  • Samantha

    Corri, I completely agree with you. I think every episode I have watched of ‘Extreme Couponing’, it appears the cashier doesn’t look at any of the coupons and when they beep, they just push them through!

  • Pounds4Pennies

    Thanks for this article. I want to share it with my readers. I am glad you joined my site. I do try to use coupons legally.

  • Trish

    On the show, the cashiers are told to push them through. It’s to make their savings look bigger. Stores make exceptions for the show and the cashier is told ahead of time what they are supposed to do. I am a cashier and I know I watch the coupons carefully and if one does not work we have to look for the item and check it next to the coupon. Usually the customers get very defensive, but if they take that much time to plan their trip, they can wait an extra minute for me to make sure they did it correctly. For the most part though, if a customer has four carts full of groceries, do you honestly expect the cashier to remember every item that was purchased? No. So they blindly trust that if the computer takes it, its a legitimate coupon. Sadly, that is where the illegal barcode-matching comes in to play and the register wont even flash the “no match found” screen.

  • Steve

    Not withstanding all these issues…who on earth needs 96 bottles of mustard (not even good mustard) unless you have a restaurant or something. I mean 96…?

    • pam berry

      I agree with you maybe someone in the house has a mustard fetish 😂 and also it was cheap mustard at that not like we’re talking Grey Poupon ! She seemed more interested in how she looked with that purple belted sweater and those totally tacky boots

  • John

    Update: 2019. This is why manufacturers now limit one coupon per item per day in a lot of cases. This blatant coupon fraud is getting people arrested but TLC glorified it as if it was fantastic savings when it was plain theft. She should have been charged for felony theft. The store might be getting reimbursed but the manufacturers are repaying them for products they did not sell according to the coupon.

    It used to be that stores would offer unlimited coupons, even tripling coupons up to 99 cents. Today, Krogers only accepts face value and you cannot use more than 4 coupons for any one item. So if you buy 6 newspapers and a loaf of bread is $1.00 and you have a 25 cent coupon, you can only buy 4 loaves of bread and use 4 coupons. Cashiers get a beep and they’ll say” You didn’t buy this product”. Cashiers have been told if the computer “beeps” do not scan it again and do not accept the coupon. I saw this happen and a lady threw a fit and stormed off and left her entire order. She flew back and wanted her coupons and the store manager didn’t return them and told her never to shop their again.

  • Andres

    I’m more concern about how this type of program glorify the excessive consumerism. What is the deal to buy more than you might used or need. It is necesary to have a shower full of toilet papper or shelves full of food or products like a stores?. I think, USA needs to rethink the way they acts as consumers.

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