“Make it” – No Slip Socks

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My toddler is full of energy and runs around all over the place.  When he gets to the kitchen, he tends to slid around when he is wearing socks. So I decided it would help to have no-slip socks. It is super easy and can be fun to put designs that they like.


  • Socks
  • Puffy Paints

Lay out a pair of socks so the toes are on top.  Then simply draw what you want on the bottoms.  Let dry as long as the puffy paint directs (4 hours normally).



If you need an outline to draw with, print a picture or outline of what you want (I.E. I did Blue’s Clues paw prints). Then with a pencil, trace the drawing pushing hard and going over it a bunch of times. Then put it face down on the sock. Use something hard and rub the back of the paper a few times pressing firmly. When you lift it up, some of the lead should transfer to the sock so you have an outline to trace with the puffy paint.



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2 comments on “Make it” – No Slip Socks

  • Brian

    ideal socks for children who still run without shoes at home

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