Top Notch Fresh Steaks from New York Prime Meats {Review}

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New York Prime Meats

My husband loves to barbecue at least once a week, especially in the summer. Sometimes it is just throwing some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, but I love when it’s steak night. Life is pretty busy and crazy right now and it is hard for us to find time to get to the grocery store, let a lone the local butcher. Since I buy a lot of things online to save time, I was excited to learn about New York Prime Meats.

New York Prime Meats has been in business for over 50 years. They specialize specifically in prime meats. Only 2% of all sold beef is approved as ‘prime’. That speaks for itself on the high quality of the meat. USDA’s definition of prime meat: “USDA Prime beef (about two percent of graded beef) has more fat marbling, so it is the most tender and flavorful.” New York Prime Meats takes it a step further and inspects each slab of meat before they sell it for the perfect color and texture. None of their meats are frozen allowing them to sell the freshest cuts. When you purchase online, your shipment will be sent via FedEx overnight, properly packaged for insured freshness upon arrival.

New York Prime MeatsNew York Prime Steaks

I received two filet mignons and a strip steak from New York Prime Meats. I was so impatient to taste them that I had my husband throw them on the grill as soon as he got home from work. He just put a bunch of different seasonings on them, nothing special. A great steak doesn’t need a lot of prep work, right? We each had a fillet mignon and half the strip steak. My husband started eating the filet mignon first and was hounding me to try it until I had a bite because he loved it so much. WOW! The favor was phenomenal. I have this weird thing with cutting meats (I always have) and I really just don’t like doing it. I feel like it’s a lot of work and that time should be spent eating. However, when I put my knife through these cuts of meat, it was so easy to cut and I didn’t mind doing it at all. The steaks were extremely tender and juicy.

I have to say that these just might be better than any steak I have ever had, even from a restaurant. I am sure my husband will say it mainly because he is a Grill Master and I will continue to let him think that as well :) I can’t wait to have another meal from them.

New York Prime Meats also sells burgers, pork, ribs and roasts. To learn more and purchase your own prime meats, visit their website. You get free (overnight) shipping on any orders over $150!  Also be sure to follow them on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

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5 comments on Top Notch Fresh Steaks from New York Prime Meats {Review}

  • Stacie

    These sound delicious! Steak is one of my absolute favourites.

  • Brett

    these look delish! i was just sitting here thinking about what to make for dinner. thank you!

  • olfa

    I simply love Filet mignon.. Especially on the barbecue.

  • Dawn Lopez

    My hubs would go crazy over these steaks! Thanks for sharing, this is my first time learning about the brand.

  • Leandrea

    This sounds perfect for my husband. I love learning about new companies. Thanks!

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