Blue’s Clues Cake – Wordless Wednesday

Homemade Blues Clues Cake

My son turned 2 over the weekend and he LOVES Blue’s Clues. So I ended up making him a Blue’s Clues cake because I couldn’t find anywhere to make him one in 2 days (yea, I may have waited until the last minute to try to find one). Anyway, after hours of work (I’m considering writing a ‘how-to’ post at a later time), it ended up better than I thought it would!  As for his reaction… Well, he was all shy from everyone staring at him, so he covered his eyes most of the time. I am not sure he even noticed it was Blue! But it was still worth it.

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2 comments on Blue’s Clues Cake – Wordless Wednesday

  • Tonya

    That is soooo cute! My daughter would love a cake like that. She loves Blue’s Clues. I imitate Blue’s voice and she cracks up :)

  • Rosey

    This is really cute. You did good.

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