‘Start Simple, Start Right’ with Kellogg’s Cereals

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Kellogg's LogoSome mornings I need to get breakfast on the table as quickly as possible. Not because we are in a hurry or have somewhere to be. But because when my sons are hungry, they become very impatient and think that food should just appear in front of them instantly. Trust me, listening to a 2 year old and 3 year old competing to be the loudest one to say ‘Mom.Breakfast’ over and over, while a 9 month old is beating on his tray trying to be heard over his brothers isn’t always the most pleasant way to start a morning. When I need something quick, I love to turn to cereal. Not only can I get it on the table within minutes, but there area lot of healthy options.

Start Simple Start Right Cereals

We normally keep at least 5 different cereal boxes in our pantry. Not only is it a great breakfast choice, it is also a healthy snack. When my husband gives my sons their evening snack, he typically give them cereal and sits down to enjoy a bowl with them. Most of the cereals we eat are Kellogg’s. It is a brand I grew up with and a brand I will always trust. They have a little something for everyone. Some of the healthy wholesome cereals we have been eating thanks to Kellogg’s:

My sons are both a fan of Rice Krispies. They love the ‘snap, crackle, pop’ and they even enjoyed the Gluten Free one. I have also been a huge fan of Corn Flakes. I decided to share some with my sons to let them try it out. My two year old said ‘Mmmm, Yummy’ while rubbing his belly. I would say that is a sign of approval from him! My husband’s favorite is the Raisin Bran (and one of my other favorites). We really enjoyed all the Kellogg’s cereals and it is comforting as a Mom to know my family is eating a healthy breakfast (or snack).

All the above cereals are made with seven ingredients or less, plus vitamins and minerals, and all start with just a single grain. This is Kellogg’s Seed-to-Spoon approach. In just a few steps, all the cereals go from being a single grain, to being the cereal we all enjoy. I just love seeing how simple the process is and knowing where the food I feed my family comes from.

Kellogg's Start Simple Start Right

Also, you can see just how each cereal goes from being a simple grain to the cereal in your bowl in the follow videos.

Be sure to check out Kellogg’s ‘Start Simple, Start Right’ website for more information on the simple grain cereals. I know after learning about their Seed-to-Spoon process, I will start paying more attention to the ingredients in all the cereals I purchase.


“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kellogg’s. I received sample products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

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3 comments on ‘Start Simple, Start Right’ with Kellogg’s Cereals

  • Tonya

    My daughter loves Corn Flakes. My favorite cereal when I was little was Rice Crispies. I didn’t realize they have a Gluten free version!

  • Melissa S.O.S. Mom

    I LOVE Corn Flakes! My boyfriend not so much, he likes the Special Ks! Go figure, they’re almost the same! But it’s great they have gluten free Rice Krispies! Very good thing!

  • Rena (An Ordinary Housewife)

    I’ve been eating a lot of Rice Krispies lately. And of course I have them on hand for making Rice Krispy treats. No “store brand” rice krispies will do, according to DH!

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