Baby Blast – Flavored Binky Spray {Review}

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Having three little ones, I have learned it isn’t always easy to calm down a fussy baby. Sometimes a pacifier can do the trick, and other times they just spit it out and keep fussing. I have had this happen countless times with each of my sons, including just today with my 5 month old. I couldn’t get him to calm down and every time I would offer him the pacifier, he would spit it out a few seconds later. He wasn’t even happy with his thumb (yup, he’s a part-time thumb-sucker). I am pretty sure he is starting to cut teeth, so we’ve been having some rough moments throughout the day. I knew it was time to pull out the Baby Blast.

Baby Blast Binky SprayI have friends who use small amounts of maple syrup on pacifiers and bottle nipples to calm their baby or take a bottle. The great thing about Baby Blast is that it is an all natural vanilla spray created just for that. It contains just three ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, water and natural flavors. Glycerine is a carbohydrate that is sweet but it does not increase blood sugar so much better than some syrup. The spray is also not sticky, which is a big plus. Not only is it easy to use, it is small enough to throw in a diaper bag or purse to always have on hand.

When my son continuously refused the pacifier today, a little spritz of the spray helped out tremendously. He finally calmed down and was able to take his nap, peacefully. He normally is a great sleeper, but he just needed that little something to calm him down, and today, that little something happened to be Baby Blast.

Baby Blast is not only for pacifiers, but can be used on a number of other things. If you are breastfeeding and your little one is having a difficult time latching on, the spray is safe to use to help them latch on. It can also be used on teething rings, sippy cups, medicine dispensers and bottle nipples.

I am anxious to use the spray when I introduce bottles and baby formula to my son. Weaning isn’t always an easy process and I hope, if there are any difficulties, Baby Blast will be my hero!

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