Young Scientists Club – Rainbow Science with Clifford the Big Red Dog

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I received a Rainbow Science Kit to review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

There are days that I am amazed at how fast my three year old is growing up. I am even more amazed at how eager he is to learn new facts or try unfamiliar things. Every single day, he pushes me to challenge him. As I try my best to come up with new activities or games, there are days when I don’t have much time and it is more convenient to have kit or two around the house.

Young Scientists Club - Clifford Rainbow Science

The Young Scientists Club has a large variety of kits targeted for kids as young 3. Each kit is centered around a specific science topic and includes numerous related experiments and activities. The kits are designed to make learning fun and in a hands-on manner. To make some kits more attractive for children, they feature well-known cartoon characters, Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus and Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Young Scientists Club - Clifford Rainbow Science

When Ethan saw the kits with Clifford, he wanted them all: Bubble Science, Kitchen Science, & Rainbow Science. I got him to settle on the Rainbow Science kit because of his love for colors. The kit includes:

  • Manual
  • Pipette (his favorite part)
  • (3) Test Tubes
  • Funnel
  • Lab Tray with Test Tube Holders, Bowl and Wells
  • (6) Pieces of Chromatography Paper
  • Crayons
  • Rainbow Glasses
  • Mirror
  • White Circular Cardboard
  • Small Measuring Cup
  • Pencil

The manual is filled with instructions for fourteen different experiments. Almost all of them need a limited amount of additional supplies. Most of the items are typical kitchen products such as water, baking soda, vinegar, vegetable oil and food coloring.

The instructions are simple to follow. Ethan has been able to complete most steps himself, with some guidance of course. One feature I enjoy the most is each experiment includes a detailed explanation. As we are doing the activities, I can tell him the scientific reasons why the results turn out a specific way. While he is having fun, I can easily make it a learning experience.

Going through the experiments, Ethan loved being able to use the different supplies. Some of the activities we have done before, but having his own little ‘lab’ made it more enjoyable for him and easier for me. There were a few that he wanted to do repeatedly: Colored Bubbles in Oil and Rainbow Explosion.

The science kit has been convenient and helpful because it can be used repeatedly. It’s been perfect on busy days and take little preparation.

You can visit for more information on all their kits.  You can also purchase the kits on Amazon.


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