Creating an Afternoon Routine for my Kids

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Order and organization are two things that I obsess over. When I became a parent, I quickly fell in love with daily routines. Now with three little ones, those routines are necessary for keeping our days running smoothly. Without them, I would likely lose my mind.

Creating an Afternoon Routine for my Kids

I am an extreme list-maker. I make lists for just about everything. Each day, I go through my list of things I need to do and then talk to my sons about what we need to do as a family. With each activity named, they quickly respond, ‘Then what’s next?’, anticipating a reward at the end.

Talking about all the activities is a great way to keep the kids involved and practice communication skills. When it is a daily routine, they start to tell me or finish my sentence about the tasks, making them even more excited. Even if it includes cleaning up toys or chores.


I have my ‘to-do’ lists, but it also can be helpful to have a sheet for my sons, like the one above. Even though my kids aren’t in school yet, we have a similar routine in the afternoon after their naps. With their own sheets, they can visually understand what they need to do and how they will be rewarded. Ethan also like to ‘be like mommy’ and put his routine on the counter next to my list for the day.

Froot Loop Patterns Activity Sheet

After everyone is awake from their naps, we have activity time. This typically includes a learning game or activity sheets. My ‘Fun with Froot Loops’ activity sheets are always popular (you can download all four here). I enjoy it because not only is it educational, it also incorporates snacks allowing for an easy transition into snack time.

Afternoon Routine

After activity and snack time, the boys always pick up their toys. This can take the longest, as it can quickly turn into play time. However, they know when they finish cleaning up, they get their reward. Their reward is typically fifteen minutes of a show or computer game.

Our afternoon routine makes everything go smoothly from the time they wake up from nap until dinner prep. Then we start another routine to get through the evening.

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Do you have a daily afternoon routine? 


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9 comments on Creating an Afternoon Routine for my Kids

  • Heather - Acting Balanced Mom

    We have a pretty set afternoon routine with my kids … but I can see how making it visual would totally help my middle child with Autism!

  • Nicole

    Can you please PLEASE create an afternoon routine for ME? Thanks in advance :)

  • Cecile

    What a great printable! I struggle with having my kids keep with an afternoon schedule. This is really going to help!

  • Angela

    That fun with Fruit Loops activity sheet is awesome! That to-do list for the kids will come in very handy!

  • Emily

    I love your visual chart, I can see that really hleping my 3 year old nephew a lot. He likes to know the schedule of events. I can’t blame him, I’d want to know the chain of events if I couldn’t tell time.

  • OurFamilyWorld

    Love the chart! My son does so much better when he has something visual to track his progress.

  • Karen - DCR

    I love the after school activity sheet. We could definitely use a set routine after school. I think having their own sheet and drawing the activity would also help make each task more concrete and real for them. At least that’s what I’m hoping!

  • Terri

    visuls are great ideas!!
    kidslike it and seem to excel more when they have something like this

  • Little Miss Kate

    It never ceases to amaze me how important routines are to kids. I love idea of practicing patterns with fruit loops

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