DIY Summer Road Trip Kits & Memory Box for the Whole Family

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These DIY summer road trip kits & memory boxes are part of a sponsored campaign for #CollectiveBias. All opinions expressed are my own.

I have always loved road trips. Almost immediately after I started driving, my friends and I would plan a handful of road trips each summer. Last summer was the first time I went on one in years, but we didn’t take the kids. I have always thought about where we can go as a family, but how would I, or we, survive?

Road Trip Kits & Memory Boxes for the Whole Family #cbias #shop

The last few years, every time I had an idea of taking the whole family on a road trip or vacation, I would get extremely overwhelmed. I just didn’t know how we could all survive with little ones in the car for long periods of time. One hour trips can be nerve-wrecking as it is, so how could anything longer work out? I have to overcome the feeling. Now that the boys are 2, 3, & 4, it is time.

Branson Memory Box #shop #cbias

A few months ago, I planned a mini vacation for two nights this May. We will be driving a little over four hours to Branson, MO. I thought this would be a good ‘test’ for planning future road trips because it isn’t too far away and will only be one weekend. Soon after I planned that, my parents came to me with an idea of visiting with family on the east coast. After discussing it, the next thing I know, we book a family vacation house in Hilton Head, SC for a whole week in June. With three little ones, driving makes more sense than flying. The drive will be about thirteen hours long. Yes, THIRTEEN HOURS for our second road trip just four weeks after the first one.

With just a couple months to go, I am in full planning mode. So many questions going through my mind and I have an uncontrollable urge to start the planning of all the details. What are we going to take? What will we do? Where are we going to make stops? How will we keep the kids entertained?

Snacks at Walmart #cbias #shop

The first thing I knew I wanted to do was create Road Trips Kits for each of the vacations. One for the kids and one for my husband and I. Each needed to include my two road trip necessities: snacks and activities. When I was picking up a few things at Walmart the other day, I decided to start shopping for my kits. The snack aisle is a great place to start.

Road Trip Kit for Adults #Shop #cbias

Road trip food for the adults is simple. My husband always wants Slim Jims & Hot Fries and I can’t go without David Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds. That’s the way it has always been. When we are in the car for more than an hour, we always have to stop and pick up these snacks. Since these trips are going to be longer, I threw in a few other goodies such as Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn, Crunch N’ Munch, and gum. To keep us busy, we will also be taking a tablet and magazines.

Road Trip Memory Boxes #cbias #shop

For the kids I wanted to make a kit that can also become a memory box for pictures and souvenirs from the trip. A cardboard memory box is the perfect option. I always have empty ones on hand, so I used two that were plain so the kids would draw on them while we are on the road to make each one unique. With the addition of some stickers, the year and designation, to kits can easily convert to memory boxes to save everything in after the trip.

Road Trip Kid's Activities #shop #cbias

To keep the kids busy, the box includes crayons, markers, Play-Doh, cars, activity books, and some blank paper. I printed out a map of the United States and glued it under the lid. As we travel, I plan on having the kids color in the state we are driving through. For some extra fun, I created an ABC’s of Our Road Trip activity (printable here). Throughout each trip, the kids can write or draw in each square the different things we see with a goal of filling the whole sheet.

Kids Road Trip Snacks #shop #cbias

To easily have snacks in the box and accessible, I used a few containers and filled them with some of their favorites. Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Crunch, David Sunflower Kernels, crackers, and raisins are perfect for the boys. Another good road trip snack is Snack Pack puddings.

Kids Road Trip Kit #shop #cbias

The kids’ road trip kit fits perfectly between their seats. I have a feeling that they will have a blast and all my worrying is for nothing. I can’t wait to start making the vacation memories and start filling the memory boxes.

Road Trip Kits & Memory Boxes for the Whole Family #shop #cbias



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17 comments on DIY Summer Road Trip Kits & Memory Box for the Whole Family

  • Ashleigh @ Being Cheap is Easy

    Pinned this! We are headed to Hilton Head in May…my family has a condo. It’s my favorite place on earth, but we’ve never been with kids! It will be interesting!

    • Samantha (author)

      I have never been there, but from everything I am seeing online, I can’t wait!

      • Ashleigh @Being Cheap is Easy

        You’ll love it! Very peaceful!! My biggest tip: take full advantage of the early bird specials most restaurants run. You can get seafood super cheap!! Also: rent bikes!

  • Emily

    How fun! Road trips were so fun for me as a kid and snacking is definitely part of the adventure. It was really the only time that we’d just spend money at convenience stores like that so it stood out as a uniquely exciting experience.

  • Marysa

    These are all great ideas! Nice ways to keep the kids entertained.

  • Jenn

    This is such a great idea for road trips! I’m going to have to put something together for our trip to Kissimmee this weekend, I bet the kids would love it!

  • Cinny

    That’s a pretty awesome idea. I love road trips even now.

  • Stacey @ Cheap is the New Classy

    What an awesome mom! This is perfect for a road trip! I love the idea of the boxes also ending up as memory boxes they can keep for years to come. Great idea for adults as well!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    What a great idea! I am pinning this to remind me what to do on our next road trip. Great job!!!

  • Grace Hodgin

    I really love your memory box idea and think it is so creative. I find when I do take the time to plan out details that our trips are better than planning once we are there. What a great idea and post. Thanks for inspiring some ideas of my own.

  • LisaLisa

    Great idea!! What a creative way to keeping the kids entertained indeed. Love this!

  • Jennifer Medeiros

    Great ideas in this post for families like mine who take their kids on the road a lot.

  • Chrysa

    That’s a great idea. Your boxes look so fun. I love the labels!

  • Danielle

    I love this! We’re considering a road trip to Seattle in a few months and this would be perfect for my two kids.

  • Noelle

    Cute ideas. We have always traveled long distances with our kids since they were young. Anyway, some suggestions, don’t be upset when they finish all your activities in the first 30min. of your trip. LOL. We brought other little toys and treats that they got along the way. Make sure to stop and let them stretch & get rid of energy too. Hope you have a great trip!

    • Samantha (author)

      Great tips! Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the trip :)

  • Lindsay

    Just came across this while planning a road trip with my little ones…
    I LIVE in Hilton Head…grew up coming on vacation here and now I live here. It’s an amazing island and I hope you enjoy your visit!!

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