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Around the Web – Father’s Day Inspiration

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Link up any posts you have related to Father’s Day to celebrate Dad and visit as many as you like. Add printables, recipes, handmade gift ideas, quotes or anything else!

*Be sure to stop back next Friday, June 22nd for ‘On the Grill: BBQ Recipes’

FREE 8×10″ Photo Canvas (or $50 off) – Great Father’s Day Gift

Are you still looking for a great Father’s Day gift? This is one if my favorite deals of all time.

Make a FREE 8×10 Photo Canvas. You just pay shipping which is around $14.95! Or if you want to order a bigger one, get $50 off with FREE Shipping. It is very easy to upload your  picture and order. Even better, the product is high quality!

This would not only make a great Father’s Day gift, it is also a great gift for any occasion, artwork, business logos, and much more. Another great photo/artwork to print on the canvas is a Handprint Flower or Fingerpaint Art.

Get your order in by June 4th to ensure delivery by Fathers Day!

Golf Cake for Father’s Day


Golf Cake

My husband likes to play golf and I saw a cake similar to this on a website awhile back using coconut. I thought I would try to make it with white chocolate shavings instead (The hubby isn’t a big fan of coconut). I am very pleased with the way it turned out!


  • Cake Mix
  • Vanilla Icing
  • Icing Color (you can try food coloring, but I heard that can ‘water down’ the icing
  • 4-6 Vanilla Wafers
  • White Chocolate
  • Green Icing Spray (I got at Michaels for a few bucks)
  • 1 Chocolate Chip
  • White gumballs

Bake cake mix as instructed in two round pans. After they cool, I laid them overlapping a little, and cut the overlapping cake. I put the cake on a foil-covered piece of cardboard; You can use a serving platter. Next, dye your icing green and spread over the whole cake.

I didn’t have a block of white chocolate, so I melted a bag of white chocolate chips in a wax paper lined plastic container and froze it making my own little block. Next, make shavings for the grass using a vegetable peeler. Put the shavings in a container and spray them with the green icing color, shaking the over all the shavings. It is easier to do it in small batches. Cover the cake except for where the hole will be and a couple sand dunes. Crumble the vanilla wafers a sprinkle to create sand dunes. First, I push the spots down a little, to get a little depth.

Push a chocolate chip, flat-side up, for the hole. Place a few white gum balls as golf balls. I didn’t have any gum balls, so I barely melted some of the white chocolate and formed little balls. Last is the flag. I didn’t have any pretzels and couldn’t think of anything else to use, so I just rolled up a small piece of white construction paper and used a red piece for the flag.

It isn’t as hard as it looks! 80% off – $2 for a $25 Certificate

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There are many restaurants to choose from, but remember to always read the fine print. Sometimes it states you have to spend so much to use the gift certificate (IE, you have to spend $35 to use the $25 certificate). And after you purchase it, you just print the certificate from your printer immediately. This is a great deal for a night out with that special someone or the family!