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I print photos frequently to add new frames around the house, make scrapbooks, and send photos to long distant relatives. However, with technology and social media these days, I find myself going long periods without printing a single photo. I love taking pictures daily of my sons, but often find myself sharing them on Instagram and quickly forgetting about them. That has all changed now, as I  recently learned how easy it is to print Instagram photos with the Walgreens App.

How to Print & Display Instagram Photos #WalgreensApp #Shop

Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

My favorite gifts aren’t the ones that cost the most or are the biggest. They are always they ones that have the most thought behind them. It could be something as little as a picture in a frame or a fitting greeting card. I also love making homemade gifts for loved ones. If you are stilling trying to decide what to get your loved one, or if you want to add a personal gift made with love, here are my favorite from me and other awesome bloggers.


52 Things I Love About You – Deck of Cards or Album

52 Reasons I Love You List

A few years ago I made my husband this ’52 Things I Love About You’ Deck of Cards. He truly loved it. You can get the template I used from Peppermint Creative for FREE. For each card, there is a reason why I love my husband. You can also do just a little book or put all the reasons on pieces of paper in a nice jar. See more tips and a list of over 100 ‘Things I Love About You’ ideas from me and my readers.

How to Make a Homemade Photo Ornament

Two years ago I attempted to start a tradition at Christmas. Each year I want to make a new ornament capturing my kids (See the photo ornament I made the first year here). I say attempted because last year I failed. But I had a good excuse… We moved into our new house on Dec 8th and had to unpack, decorate, host 3 holiday parties AND I was eight months pregnant. It was pretty stressful and the ornament was the last thing on my mind. So this year I plan on making two, one with a photo from last year and a new one for this year.  This is the ornament I just made for last year with a photo from Dec 2011.

My favorite gifts to give family members are ones that are homemade and personalized. Last year I wanted to start a tradition of giving the Grandmas a different homemade ornament with a picture of my sons on it. This is the first one I did (I hope they don’t expect them to get more elaborate each year).

Homemade Photo Ornament(Click to image to enlarge)

Unfortunately, Nifty Mom was non-existent last year so it never crossed my mind to take step-by-step pictures. It was a little more difficult than I would have liked it to be, but it was worth it.


  • Glass Ornament (sold at craft stores)
  • Ribbon (ribbon with wire works best)
  • Super Glue (only thing I could get to hold good)
  • White Glitter
  • 2 Photos cut to fit in the ornament, mine are approx 1.5″ squares
    • I used 1 photo and 1 small scrapbook paper and made snowmen out of my sons’ thumbprints


  1. Cut two pieces of ribbon a few inches long and glue them side-by-side in the middle of the back of one picture. Glue the other picture on top of the ribbon. Place under a heavy book to hold the two together for a few minutes to allow the glue to dry completely.
  2. Detach the metal top of the ornament and temporarily remove the wire loop attachment. Pull the ribbon from attached to the pictures up through the holes on the metal top piece (the holes on mine were too small, so I used a screw to widen them). Replace the wire attachment.
  3. (this is the most difficult part) Roll the picture vertically and put it into the ornament. Once in, I used a pen to stick in there and flatten the picture out as best as possible.
  4. Using a paper funnel, pour some white glitter in ornament.
  5. Adjust the two ribbons on the top of the ornament so the picture is center and tie. Cut the extra off and put a small amount of super glue over the knot to secure.
  6. Add an ornament hook or ribbon on the loop to hang.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope yours comes out even better than mine did!


Over the summer I posted ‘52 Things I Love About You’ Deck of Cards Album, a gift I made for my husband for our wedding anniversary. Lately, I have people asking how to come up with 52 reasons I love my husband. So I created a list of over 50 to get you started or if you are running out of ideas.

It took me a while to write down 52 things. Trust me, I love my husband, but coming up with 52 reasons written in such few words was not easy. My best advice is to think about little things, be specific. Some times one thing can be broken into 2 or 3. For example, don’t just say, “You are a great dad to our kids”. You can also break it down into the little things he does with the kids: Read bedtime stories, always wants to hold them, the way he looks at them, etc. Also be creative and personal. Put something silly he does all the time or even something that mildly irritates you. Make it personal!

100+ Ideas & Tips for 'Reason I Love You' Gifts
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Here are some reasons/ideas:

  • You are an amazing Dad to our kids
  • You can make me smile for no reason
  • You always make me laugh
  • You send me flowers for no reason
  • You make me think positive when I’m negative
  • You can see the best in me
  • You cook me dinner sometimes
  • You always come up with crazy things to do
  • You never forget important days
  • You always want to be close to me
  • You send me random loving texts
  • You put your family first
  • You’ll watch girly shows with me
  • You kiss the kids & I right when we get home
  • You are always my shoulder to cry on
  • You push me to do my best
  • You can make decisions when I can’t
  • You are not afraid to be silly
  • You still open the door for me
  • You can always calm me down
  • You make yourself laugh
  • You make me feel safe
  • You make great barbecue
  • You don’t care when I’m a bum
  • You can talk to me about anything
  • You provide for your family
  • You hold my hand when we’re walking
  • You have made the last 5 years amazing
  • You listen to my stupid stories
  • You’ll make me ice cream at 11 at night
  • You are not afraid of what others think
  • You are always working hard
  • You let me sleep in on the weekends
  • You hold me the right way
  • You always kiss me goodnight
  • You don’t mind when I don’t cook dinner
  • You’re proud to have me as your wife
  • You try to help around the house
  • You read to the kids every night
  • You want what’s best for your family
  • You make a good pillow
  • You always say what’s on your mind
  • You can admit when you’re wrong
  • You stare at me lovingly
  • You like to surprise me with little things
  • You put up with my crazy family
  • You accept me for me
  • You are crazy silly cute with our kids
  • You try to better our relationship
  • You allow me to stay at home with our children
  • You kiss my forehead
  • You try to fix everything around the house
  • You’ll shop with me every so often
  • You hold me when you are sleeping
  • You always stand by my side
  • You take time to call just to say hi
  • You are perfectly imperfect
  • Simply because you are you

Ideas from My Wonderful Readers -

  • {Put a small photo your each child on a page}
  • {Add dates: date you met, date you got married, dates your kids were born, etc}
  • {Make a couple different fonts for the different reasons. Maybe having a silly font for the more silly reasons and a “serious” font for more “serious” reasons}
  • {Make the last one say ‘You said ‘I Do’ X years ago” and put the date}
  • You make our house a home
  • You don’t mind that I take up most of the closet
  • You always make me coffee when i want it
  • You are the best spider killer
  • You always take care of me when I’m sick
  • You can finish my sentences
  • You know me so well, you could order for me at our favorite resturant
  • You know what all of my favorite things are
  • You let me change the channel when it’s half time of a sports game
  • You help me do the dishes after dinner
  • You kiss our daughter (or son) goodnight and tuck her in for the both of us
  • You remind me everyday that your love for me is endless
  • You leave me notes in my lunch reminding me to smile
  • You make the bed even if I didn’t tell you too
  • You always put gas in my car because you know I don’t like to do it
  • I love how you bring me home dessert when you return from a business dinner
  • You are kind to my friends
  • You are loving and respectful towards my parents and grandparents
  • You give the best advice and perspective
  • You make any story more entertaining when you tell it
  • You encourage me to follow my dreams
  • You let me dress you
  • You still get me Mothers Day cards from our dogs even though we have a human baby now
  • You compliment meals I put a lot of effort into making, even when they do not turn out so great
  • You clean the disgusting hair clogs (of mine) from the tub drain
  • You still tear up when you think of Dakota (our fantastic dog who died 4 years ago)
  • You let me see you cry
  • You tuck me into bed and say our goodnight talk when your not going to bed with me
  • You want to spend your lunch breaks with me everyday and get sad when we don’t
  • Your always optimistic for the both of us
  • You always do the yard work
  • You’ll eat the things I don’t like
  • You’ll help me reach things on the top shelf
  • You still like to cuddle
  • You always say my cooking is great (even if its sub par)
  • You’ll give me massages even when I don’t ask
  • You always sweep off my car in the winter
  • You think your farts are hilarious
  • I love that I can trust you with my heart.
  • I love you because you love my kids like they are yours.
  • I love you because you never walk in front of me.
  • I love you because you adore my friends.
  • I love you because you make me laugh.
  • I love you because you tell me everyday that I am your girl
  • your goofy car dancing
  • that face you make when your guilty
  • you have your priorities straight
  • You still say I’m beautiful when I’ve been up for days with no makeup with the kids.
  • You let me sleep when you know the boys kept me up all night.
  • You miss my cold feet at night if they’re not on you.
  • You take out the trash.
  • You sing and make inappropriate jokes when you get nervous.
  • You don’t complain when I shop.
  • You tell me I’m beautiful even when I’m pregnant and don’t feel beautiful.
  • You go for walks.
  • You go flee market shopping.
  • I love you because you clean the goop off the dogs eyes.
  • You are kind to animals.
  • Your grin when I am annoying or pestering you.
  • You’re easy to scare.
  • You can watch a movie you’ve seen many times, and you still react like it’s the first time you’ve seen it.
  • You use sound effects to tell a story.
  • You always make time for me
  • You still look at me the way you did when you first told me you were in love
  • You call me princess
  • You open the car door for me still
  • You’ve never given up on me
  • Your here through good times and bad
  • I love your beard
  • I love your snuzzle hair. (aka bed head)
  • Our inside jokes
  • The face you make when you get caught snacking before dinner.
  • You stuck by me when nobody else has
  • You still give me butterflies everyday.
  • You listen to me complain.
  • You say your sorry when you know I am right, which is always.
  • You don’t change my music in the car.
  • You let me pick the movie most always.
  • You always call me baby.
  • love your beard
  • I love your snuzzle hair. (aka bed head)
  • Our inside jokes
  • The face you make when you get caught snacking before dinner
  • You’re not afraid to say you’re sorry.
  • You unclog the toilet so I don’t have to do it since you know I get grossed out easily.
  • You are passionate.
  • You take my breath away.
  • You proudly attend all of our children’s many activities.
  • You decorate our house for the holidays and actually enjoy doing it.

One reader’s idea instead of a book (LOVE THIS):

  • During my dad’s last deployment to Iraq, my mom sent him something like this for Valentines Day, except every reason was written on a slip of paper that he could pull out of a jar, She wanted to make one for every day until he came home, so she recruited all the kids (there are 5 of us..what can I say, military families lol). I think that would be a great idea for a 52 Reasons book! PS. He told us that he loved the gift so much, he would pull out 2 or 3 every day

**Leave a comment if you have an idea as well!

Visit ‘52 Things I Love About You’ Deck of Cards Album for more on creating the project or view Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas perfect for last minute gifts.

Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Here is a last minute Valentine’s Day dessert:

Simple No Bake Valentine's Day Dessert

Last week was my husband & I’s Anniversary and I made him this amazing deck of cards I just had to share with everyone.

I came across this idea online a few months ago and knew I had to give it a shot. It was on an awesome blog, Peppermint Creative. Mine didn’t turn out quite as good as hers, but I was happy and so was the Hubby! On each playing card, you put a different reason you love the person. You can download the template to make the 52 different cards. It was fun coming up with different things to write on each one and it is a great personal gift.

After many requests from my readers, I created ‘52 Things I Love About You’ Ideas & Tips if you need some assistance on coming up with 52 different reason. Please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with.

Visit Peppermint Creative for the step-by-step instructions and to download the templates!