Toddler Footprint Butterflies – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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With Mother’s Day approaching, I have been thinking about things to make for my Mom and Grandmas. Each year, I like to do something new with the kids and create a unique, one-of-a-kind, gift for them. I realized that last year, I never really shared our footprint picture we made.

Mothers Day Finger Paint Art Ideas

I love making hand and footprint art with the kids. It always seems to be a huge hit and the boys love playing with paint. Last year, I made all three of the kids do footprints as butterflies. Each one a different color.

I wish I would have painted the names on the butterfly bodies, but after I scanned the footprints (to make multiple copies), I typed them in. Unfortunately, I cannot find the original scan or picture. But I wanted to share the idea with you.

I put the picture in Mother’s Day cards, but it would be cute on the front of a homemade card or just as a framed picture.

After finally getting the prints, I let me sons play around with the finger paint for a little while. They ended  up painting their whole bodies and we had a colorful bath afterwards.

Finger Painting

Here are some other toddler activities I have do for gifts:

UPDATE: Check out the Handprint Tote Bags we made!

Happy Painting!


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4 comments on Toddler Footprint Butterflies – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

  • Tonya

    I bet that really was a colorful bath! What a cute gift idea :)

  • rachel

    I love this idea and will be doing it. What kind of paint do u recommened? Thank u!

    • Samantha (author)

      Glad you like it! Since I made them on heavy cardstock, I just used Crayola Finger Paint. I have also used the Crayola Washable Paint. If you want to do it on something other than cardstock, acrylic paint works great too.

  • jcamden

    Aww I love this! I want to do this for my boys to give my mother this mother’s day. They would love it and so would she! I’m actually writing a post for my own blog about how to show your mom you love her on mother’s day and I wondered if you’d mind me using your picture in it. I would of course link to your website and credit it to you.

    I hope you too have an excellent mother’s day this year!


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