Explore, Rescue, and Protect with Octonauts Playset & Toys

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I received the mentioned products to review and share my honest opinions.

It’s no secret that my sons like to watch cartoons. The Disney Jr. channel is a favorite and the show they ask for the most is Octonauts. My three year old loves all the underwater creatures and how Barnacles, Kwazii, & the other Octonauts crew always save the day. When I learned about the Fisher Price toy line, I couldn’t wait to bring the Octonauts into my home for the boys.

Octonauts Octopod Review

Fisher Price never seems to let me down and they are always coming out with fun new toys for my kids. This time it is no different. With numerous different Octonauts sets, there is a lot of fun to be had.


The Octonauts Playset is like the center hub of the Octonauts toy line. It comes complete with the Octopod, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and more. It took minimal effort and just a few minutes to put the set together and attach the stickers. Each pod has a rescue tool and a slide that attaches to the launch pad. Ethan loves the rescue tools. He can put a creature in one, lift it up, drop it down, and swing it back and forth.


On the top is the removable OctoAlert. With a press of a button, the sounds and phrases of the crew makes the Octonauts comes to life (or so it seems). This truly makes the toy more entertaining. It allows the kids to respond to the phrases, dance around, and act like they are on a mission.


One of my favorites is the Barnacles and Tulip set. I love the added touch of the removable diving helmet. The set comes with seven pieces and can be used in the water. The clam-shell sinks and opens to release Tulip, who can squirt water and change colors. We haven’t used the toys in the water yet, but they would be perfect for a water table this summer.


Another Ocotonaut water set is the GUB-P & Kwazii set. GUB-P comes complete with wheels to roll around when used on dry land. When his back fin is pushed down, his jaw opens and closes.

My three year old plays with the Octo-Compass the most. He walks around the room, opens it, presses a button to hear an Octo-Alert or phrase, closes it and says, ‘OK’! At which he then reacts to the phrases. It allows him to be creative and imagine he is on a mission rescuing creatures. He can also easily put it in his pocket and take it with him when we are on-the-go.


There is also an Octonauts Magazine that is great for quite time while I am preparing dinner. Ours came with a set of three small toys. The toys are incorporated into some of the games in the magazine. There are lots of learning activities, stickers, and games to keep little ones busy.


My sons and I are extremely thrilled with the new Octonauts playsets. They continue to play with all the different toys and when the show comes on, they like to interact with the toys at the same time. My 3 year old also loves playing games on The Octonauts Website. You can find all the Octonaut toys on Amazon.com, where they are reasonably priced.

Do you have an Octonauts fan in your house?


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