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Caring for My Emotional Heart & Creating Touching Moments with NIVEA

February 12, 2013 6 Comments

#NIVEAMoments #CBias

You could say I am an overly emotional person, and I wouldn’t be able to deny that. I can cry watching a commercial or listening to a sappy song on the radio. With that, personal connections are pretty important to me. I have to constantly connect with my loved ones in one way or another, but in reality, it can be easy to let the little moments slip away. I have been trying to remind myself of the importance of my emotional heart and well-being in relation to my connection with my husband and loved ones. Having soft, healthy skin helps me feel more confident when creating touching moments.

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Planning a Football Party – Made Easy #MealsTogether

January 17, 2013 10 Comments

Planning a Football Party Made Easy with Tyson #MealsTogether #Cbias

I love having friends and family over and take any chance I get to host a party that involves food. One of my favorite times to do so is during football season. Normally when I want to have a big party, I like to go all out. I spend hours in the kitchen making lots of food, decorating an awesome cake, and setting everything up for the party. Which can sometimes leave me exhausted and allow for less time enjoying the company. I decided the next big football party we host (in a few weeks), I am going to spend less time in the kitchen. Right away, I knew my one-stop shop to make this happen: Sam’s Club.

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