Oven Baked Breaded Chicken Drumsticks

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Oven Baked Chicken LegsThis is another chicken recipe that is quick and easy to bake in the oven. I use drumsticks most of the time, but use what chicken you have on hand or prefer.


  • 6 drumsticks
  • 1 sleeve Ritz Crackers (I prefer Roasted Vegetables flavor)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 tsp each salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic salt

Preheat oven to 425°. Lightly grease 9×13 cooking dish.

Put crackers in a gallon ziploc bag and smash them up into crumbs. I like to enlist my son’s help in this step. Add salt, pepper, garlic salt, and onion powder and mix it up (still in bag).

In a small bowl, beat the two eggs and Worcestershire sauce.

Coat each drumstick in the egg mix, them put it the ziploc bag and shake to coat with the cracker crumbs. Repeat with each one and lay into the pan, not touching.

Bake uncovered for approximately 60 minutes. It will start to brown and check to make sure any liquid coming out is clear.

*Each time I make this I like to try different cracker flavors or seasonings. Experiment and see what you can come up with!


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10 comments on Oven Baked Breaded Chicken Drumsticks

  • April G

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday from the hop! I’m now following you on GFC, Twitter and FB! I’d love it if you stop by this Sunday for our Super Stalker Sunday hop! Have a great week!

    April @ Mama on a Green Mission

  • Vickie

    These look really good. I usually cannot get my chicken to come out looking like this in the oven. I will definitely have to try!

    I wanted to say thank you for stopping by and participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.


  • Barbara George

    I am looking for a recipe for Creole Cabbage.

  • Lisa

    Do you remove skin from drumsticks or cook them with skin on?

    • Samantha (author)

      You can remove it but I like to leave it on for added flavor.

  • linda

    Do you have any information about calories?

    • Samantha (author)

      Unfortunately I do not.

  • Ginny

    Made your breaded and baked chicken drumsticks on Sunday. When looking at the recipe I thought it w/be a good one. Truthfully, I was disappointed. There didn’t seem to be any flavor to this breading. I also had to spray the legs w/some Olive Oil and turn on the broiler so they would brown somewhat. The recipe I tried was NOT the one w/the Ritz Crackers.

  • Hugh Davis

    Your recipe sounds fine to me. Patience fellow cookers! I wonder how the taste would change if, as an alternative, you subbed Gluten-free Rice Chex for the Ritz crackers? If you test it maybe your followers would appreciate the health element. I use Chex on chicken tenders and chicken thighs. Good luck. I appreciate your offerings.
    Hugh Davis

    • Samantha (author)

      Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely be giving it a try!

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