‘52 Things I Love About You’ Deck of Cards Album

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Last week was my husband & I’s Anniversary and I made him this amazing deck of cards I just had to share with everyone.

I came across this idea online a few months ago and knew I had to give it a shot. It was on an awesome blog, Peppermint Creative. Mine didn’t turn out quite as good as hers, but I was happy and so was the Hubby! On each playing card, you put a different reason you love the person. You can download the template to make the 52 different cards. It was fun coming up with different things to write on each one and it is a great personal gift.

After many requests from my readers, I created ‘52 Things I Love About You’ Ideas & Tips if you need some assistance on coming up with 52 different reason. Please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with.

Visit Peppermint Creative for the step-by-step instructions and to download the templates!


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5 comments on ‘52 Things I Love About You’ Deck of Cards Album

  • Miss Mint

    Hey! I think it turned out FANTASTIC!!!;) So thrilled you and hubs enjoyed it. Thanks for the mention.

  • Danielle

    That’s awesome. I wish I would have known about this a week or two ago. My anniversary was the 21st! Maybe I will do it as a “just because” type thing! =)

  • Melissa Say What?

    What a great idea! I found it just before Valentine’s Day, too!

  • Kathy

    great gift idea for the man who plays cards. How did you arrange them? By suit, By color, By number? Did you write on cards or place a sticker?

    • Samantha (author)

      Hey Kathy! Mine were arranged in the order deck of cards come, each suit ordered by card value. I used a this template years ago when I made it, but it looks like the do them differently now and charge for sets. I think you could use stickers, like get a few sheets of labels and write on them instead.

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