Dropps Fabric Softener Review & Giveaway

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There are two household chores I am guaranteed to do everyday rather I like it or not: dishes and laundry. Laundry seems to breed in my house and I love products that help make it easier. When I got the opportunity to try Dropps new fabric softener I was thrilled!

Dropps Fabric Softener ReviewIf you have never heard of Dropps, they first created laundry detergent in an effort to keep clothes looking better longer. In order to make the product smaller than traditional detergent jugs (and more convenient), they put just the right amount of detergent in small dissolvable pacs. These pacs just ‘drop’ into the washer. They have recently created fabric softeners with the same convenient dissolvable pacs.

Dropps fabric softeners are offered in three scents: Orange Blossom, Lavender, and Wild Orchid. I selected the Wild Orchid scent. The scent was delightful. The first thing I washed was a throw we keep in the family room. When I pulled it out of the dryer it was extremely soft and the scent put a smile on my face. For days the scent lightly lingered in the whole room. It was always a pleasant surprise to smell the freshness each time I entered the room. After a week, as I was putting it in the washer again, the throw was still just as soft and still carried the Wild Orchid scent! And trust me, this did not just sit there all week, it gets used often.

Dropps Fabric Softener Review

I also received a sample of Dropps Baby detergent (to use with the softener) that is scent, dye, and enzyme-free; perfect for my little guys sensitive skin. I have three sons under the age of three (includes a newborn) and I am very cautious to what I wash their clothes in and always try to use fabric softener. My problem is 95% of the time, I miss the rinse cycle to add the liquid fabric softener. I am never near the laundry room and I have too much going on to remember to check on it. That means re-rinsing (with fabric softener) and wasting more water, energy, and time. With Dropps softener, the pac gets added at the same time the detergent does when you put the laundry in. That is a HUGE hit with me! That alone makes me feel a more ‘green’. Dropps is a very green and friendly product.

Dropps Green

To learn more about Dropps, you can visit Dropps.com, fan them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

BUY IT: Purchase Dropps at their online store, find a retailer near you, or on Amazon.com.

WIN IT: Two winners will win (1) 16ct Fabric Softener and (1) 20ct Detergent. The giveaway is open to US residents 18+ and will end on May 2, 2012, at 11:59 pm EST. The winners will be selected through Rafflecopter via random.org and contacted by email. The winners has 48 hours to reply to confirm their winnings or a new winner will be picked. If you have any issues entering or have any questions, please email me at contact (at) niftymom(dot)com.


Dropps Winners

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21 comments on Dropps Fabric Softener Review & Giveaway

  • Cynthia K

    I would chose the scent free laundry detergent and the lavender fabric softener.

  • Irma Hernandez

    I would probably choose Wild Orchid fabric softener and the detergent I would get scent + dye free.

  • Valerie

    I like the litest scents of scent free.

  • Kimberly Aschenbach

    Wild Orchid

  • Stephanie Brown Eversole

    I love lavender, so I’d probably get the lavender-scented softener and the unscented detergent (so my clothes would just smell like lavender).

  • Teresa Thompson

    I would choose lavendar

  • Jennifer Hiles

    I would pick orange blossom fabric softner and Fresh scent laundry detergent

  • Emilia

    I would like to try the scent and dye free kind due to sensitivity. Thanks! :)

  • chantal cooper

    I’d choose orange blossom and fresh scent

    chantal cooper
    chantalgiardina (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Brandy Batson

    any scent… I love the smell of laundry

  • Rachel Ralston

    scent + dye free Dropps laundry pac and the wild orchid Dropps fabric softener pac

  • stephanie rowe

    i would choose the fresh scent for laundry detergent and the orange blossom for softener

  • Amy Beth

    Orange Blossom for both, I don’t like clashing scents!

    • Amy Beth

      Sadly, you don’t make laundry detergent in Orange Blossom, but, it was a ‘what would I want’ sort of question. If I had to choose an already available scent it would be the scent and dye free. I really don’t like clashing scents. :)

  • Michelle W

    I would choose fresh scent laundry and lavendar fabric softener. Thank you!

  • tamara mcglothlin

    I would choose lavender for both

  • Stacey

    I believe Wild Orchid would be the i would choose. I love the fresh scent. I haven’t tryed these yet but i sure would love to!

  • Carla c

    I would love to try this product!

  • bonnie

    I would choose lavendar

  • Melissa Moreno

    I would choose unscented detergent and lavender softener

  • carolynn ferraro-king

    wild orchid

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