Funky Monkey Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks {Review}

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Funky Monkey Snacks Review

I am always snacking on food throughout the day. That’s all I really have time for it seems like. Even when my sons are eating breakfast and lunch I am trying to clean up the kitchen, load the dishwasher or preparing dinner. One thing I dread is looking for a snack and only finding junk food. I don’t mind some sugar-filled treats every once in awhile, but I prefer fruits, veggies and healthier foods. I also try to eat healthier snacks throughout the day because there is no way I can eat anything without the kids wanting a bite or two or more. I had the opportunity to try something I have never stocked in my house, Funky Monkey Snacks.

Funky Monkey snacks are freeze-dried fruits. This means that the fruit is preserved, but it retains almost all its nutrients while removing almost all of the water. The all natural real fruit has no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and also have no gluten, peanuts, dairy, wheat, or tree nut. This makes for a great snack for people with allergies. Each ounce of Funky Monkey Snacks contain three servings of fruit!

Funky Money Flavors

Funky Monkey currently comes in seven different flavors:

  • Applemon (apple/cinnamon)
  • Bananamon (banana/cinnamon)
  • Carnaval Mix (banana/pineapple/apple/papaya)
  • JiveALime (pineapple/lime)
  • MangOJ (mango/orange)
  • Pink Pineapple (pineapple/guava)
  • Purple Funk (banana/acai)

My toddlers and I first tried the Applemon flavor (I let them pick our first one). I’ll be honest, I was a little leery at first to try them. My sons on the other hand dug right in. I only got one piece of the first package and it was really good and full of flavor. I was actually very surprised at the amount of flavor that was packed into that one little bite. After dealing with a small tantrum from my 21 month old because the package was empty, I got him to calm down after I opened the bag of Carnaval Mix.  This was my favorite flavor, as it has four different fruits in it: banana, apple, pineapple and papaya. When you open a bag, the fresh fruit smell is so strong and I didn’t expect that at all. I was highly impressed with all the Funky Monkey snacks!

Funky Monkey Dried Fruit SnacksI also love the smaller packaging the snacks come in. I always keep a few packages of fruit snacks in my purse/diaper bag for when we are out at the store or running errands just in case one of the boys get hungry or a little crabby. The size of the Funky Monkey snacks fit great in my bag and they are definitely healthier than fruit snacks.

To learn more about Funky Monkey snacks, connect with them on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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