Minimizing Shaving with the Remington i-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

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“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Remington. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.”

As a busy mom of 3, I do what I can to find ways to save time. Making ‘me’ time is hard enough these days.And doing some daily tasks, including shaving, can easily be a drag. I have been using the i-LIGHT Pro with hopes to minimize my shaving time.

i-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System #ilightproA couple months ago I was introduced to the i-LIGHT Pro. I was excited to learn about this at-home hair removal system by Remington. It uses scientifically-designed pulses of light to stop hair growth and can be used on legs, underarms, bikini lines, and select other areas below the neck with unwanted hair. After just three treatments (two weeks apart), results may be seen and last for six months.

It sounds intimidating at first, but the process is quite simple. You should shave first, to allow for the light flashes to get down deep. After you turn the power on, you can’t actually use it until you test the skin it will be used it. To do so, you just put the test spot over the skin tone sensor. It will beep and the light turns green to indicate it is ready for use.  The extra safety measure is important. The device should not be used on skin that is dark or on tattooed areas.

i-LIGHT Pro Button #iLightPro

Next, you select the energy level you would like. Level one is the least amount of energy emitted from the light, with five being the strongest. You can select the level that you are most comfortable with, but the higher the section, the greater the results.

The first time I was slightly terrified of doing it. It is something new, different. Something that I didn’t know at all how it would feel. I started with 1 for a few flashes, then 2. The first treatment I didn’t go higher than that, simply out of fear of the unknown. The flashes didn’t hurt at all, but I was still scared. The following treatments I did at the highest level, five. I couldn’t feel much difference between the levels.

i-LIGHT Pro #ilightpro

Once your level is picked the handheld device is placed in the area you wish to treat. There are two sensors on the sides of the flash window that must be touching skin for the device to flash. This is another safety measure to make sure it is being used correctly. When ready to treat the are, just push the flash button in the top of the handheld part. If the button is held down, it will flash every two seconds, which is enough time to move to the next area. The flash feels warm on the skin and at times stung a little. I didn’t find it painful or uncomfortable.

It is best to do the flashes in a grid-like pattern over the area you are treating. I found that this can be sometimes challenging, just to try to get it in the exact area, not to miss a spot. The more practice the better. I feel after using it a few times, I have gotten much better. It only took about fifteen minutes to treat my lower legs and underarms.

i-LIGHT Pro Flash Window #iLightPro

I have been using it for eight weeks now and can definitely see results. My legs have about 40% less visible hair. The hair that is there is lighter and thinner which allows me to go a few days before shaving with no problems. For my underarms, I don’t notice the same results, but I think that is because how awkward it is for me to get coverage at that angle. Even though I still have to shave, it is definitely easier and less frequency.  That is a huge plus for this busy mom.

I plan to use it again tomorrow (my 2 week mark) and hope to increase my results. The system takes cartridges that have about 1500 flashes. I may be close to that, so I will be purchasing a new cartridge to continue using it.

You can purchase or learn more about the i-LIGHT Pro on their website. If you are interested in buying it, you can use the code MOMCENTRAL for 20% off (offer expires August 31st). The device is priced at $249.99 with the cartridge refills listed for just $24.99. I think with the refill prices, that is a price that is worth it.


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