A Sweet & Simple DIY Gift with Halos Mandarins

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This DIY gift idea is part of a #HalosFun campaign sponsored by Halos. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Giving gifts throughout the year can be fun and rewarding. No matter how small or large it is, a thoughtful one can go a long way. I personally love small gifts that can be given as a simple ‘Thank You’ or a reward to my little ones. This is a sweet and simple idea that can be put together with little time.

Halos - A Sweet & Simple DIY Gift IdeaSnack time is pretty popular in our house. The boys love taking a break to enjoy a small bite to eat. I try my best to give them treats that are not only tasty, but also healthy. Sometimes, that can be tough. The boys will have their minds set on some specific and won’t let it go until they have it.

Halos Mandarins

However, I have been lucky lately. Their snack of choice has been Halos mandarin oranges. The light sweet taste has really appealed to all three of them, especially my four year old. They have been asking for some a number of times, daily. While they are snacking, sometimes they’re nice enough to share some with me. Sometimes.

Supplies for Halos Gift Idea

Most of the edible treats I like to gift, aren’t the healthiest. So one day while snacking, I thought it would be fun to have a little reward, or gift with the oranges. I created cute little ‘tags’ for the Halos that slightly resemble a leaf. I have uploaded PDF files so you can print a sheet of each on green cardstock. Click which one you want to print below:

Bottom of Halos Gift

To start, I wrapped some orange ribbon around the mandarin, crossing on the bottom. The color almost matches and adds a nice shimmer.

Tying Tag on Halos Gift

With one tie of the ribbon on the top, I attached a small piece of a green pipe cleaner. I wrapped the ‘leaf’ tag around the pipe cleaner, securing it in the back with tape. One more tie of the ribbon, and the cute gift is complete.

Thank You Gift with Halos

The first tag (print here) I made is more for a gift to thank someone. This could be teachers, neighbors, someone that lent an extra hand, etc.  I think it would cute to have a small basket with a bunch of Halos and a few on top with the ribbon and tag.

Gift Idea - You Deserve a Halos with free printable

The second tag (print here) I made can also be a gift to say thanks, but also for a reward for the little ones. I set up a small bowl with the fun Halos in the kitchen. Aside from a snack sometimes, they now can be used to reward good behavior, when they do their chores, or during potty training. It’s fun and they like it because it is more than just a mandarin now.

Who would you gift Halos to?


Halos box
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5 comments on A Sweet & Simple DIY Gift with Halos Mandarins

  • Emily

    What a cute idea! They’d be great to bring to a schol christmas party as a festive but healthy snack. :)

  • Debi@TheSpringMount6Pack

    I love when these are in season. I keep them on hand the whole season. They are perfect for taking with us.

  • Tammilee

    These are so cute! I love Halos mandarin oranges. They are the perfect sweet treat.

  • Tara

    We love these! We can’t keep them in the house.

  • Kat B.

    Halos are so cute! I always see them in store and I plan to get some. I love mandarin oranges.

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