DIY Poker Night Gift Mugs

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A little fun fact you probably don’t know about me: My husband and I first met playing poker. We use to play weekly at the same tournaments, often finding ourselves going head-to-head in games. It was always a good time and I guess I can credit poker for helping us cross paths.

Poker Night Idea - DIY Poker Night Gift Mugs for Guests

We continued playing cards while we were dating and even after we got married. However, once we became parents, poker nights were quickly replaced with family time and play-dates. Of course, we wouldn’t trade that for the world. 

Having a Poker Night

My husband still likes to relax with a game of cards, so about once a month, he invites some friends over for a good ‘ol poker night. I typically take the kids out for dinner and ice cream so he can have his guys night without much outside interruption. I don’t even join in on the fun, however I do like to set out snacks, drinks, and other things they may want throughout the night.

Then I thought it would be fun to make a little gift for everyone that comes over and plays. Something that they can utilize during poker night, plus something to take home.

Poker Night Player Gifts

The main things that needed to be included were poker supplies, beverages, and snacks. I gathered a variety of things that I often leave out for the guys or see at the poker table. I included a mini drink, lighter, deck of playing cards, dice, poker chips, and peanuts. A mug to hold everything really fit the theme and is something that is always enjoyed.

Cubero Cigars - Perfect for Poker Night

Another poker night ‘must-have’ is cigars. There is just something about playing cards and enjoying a good cigar. My husband normally buys a pack or two on poker night, so adding a few into the gift mugs was the finishing touch.

Last time I was at Walmart, I picked up a few packs of Cubero Cigars just for the next poker night. Each of the three natural leaf varieties contain 5 individually wrapped cigars, which made it ideal for separating for gifts. They are always a hit at game night because their blends are smooth, sophisticated and satisfying.

Poker Night Gift Mug Free Printable Labels

To complete the gifts, I created a little wrap-around label for the mugs. I also created a PDF file so you can print some out. It’s a nice way to thank guests for coming over and is a sure way to make them feel welcome. I have a feeling I will be asked to make more with each poker night that we host.

DIY Poker Night Gift Mugs - Perfect for hosting a poker night

What is your ‘must-have’ poker night item?


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3 comments on DIY Poker Night Gift Mugs

  • Ashley S

    Such a great idea!!! An awesome gift to keep in mind for Father’s Day this year :)

  • Lisa

    This is such a great idea! What size did you use for the mugs? 9.5 oz or bigger?


    • Samantha (author)

      Thank you and good question! I used 20oz mugs.

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