A Collection of 15 Amazing Recipes for Grilled Vegetables

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I am sharing my collection of grilled vegetable recipes as a sponsored post with Foodie.com. All opinions are my own.

Grilling seasoning is among us and that means plenty of backyard gatherings and BBQs. It is the time that we light up the grill at least once or twice a week.  Our backyard becomes a place to play, cook, and eat. My husband likes to grill just about everything. While we can always enjoy a good steak or burger, my favorites are always the grilled vegetables.

I have such a love for grilled vegetables, my husband often makes at least two different ones with each grilling session. I can make a meal just out of the sides. Sometimes I have him make a lot just so I have leftovers for the next day.

In preparation for all the BBQs we are going to have, I have put together a new collection of recipes on Foodie.com. The collection includes 15 amazing recipes for grilled vegetables. Some are will be good as side dishes, appetizers, or even a meal on its own. I’ve added Balsamic Grilled Summer Vegetables With Basil Quinoa SaladGrilled Sweet PotatoesGrilled Corn On The Cob With Jalapeno-Lime Aioli And Parmesan Cheese, and more. They look just as delicious as they sound.

Click the collection above to view them on Foodie and while you are there, look around to find more great recipes and collections.

What is your favorite vegetable to grill?

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