Powering Through Busy Mornings

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“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jimmy Dean through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jimmy Dean Delights, all opinions are my own.”

Sleeping in: Extra rest plus no plans that morning. What is that exactly? I can’t remember the last time I slept in. My oldest is almost 7, so let’s go with about 7 years. Take out the factor of kids, and I am sure sleeping in still wouldn’t be an option or preference for me these days.

Powering Through Busy Mornings

My schedule is often overloaded and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t do well with sitting still and I am always trying to schedule something, even when there isn’t much time to do so. Being so busy means making every minute count. That’s why I often have many lists & calendars going at once. It keeps me sane (for the most part).

Each night after I get the kids to bed, I try to finish going down those lists and tasks. As I focus on wrapping up those loose ends, out of nowhere it’s midnight or later. Then my mind starts racing. Do I stay up and finish since I am on a roll? Do I go to bed and attempt to wake up an hour early to finish before the kids wake up? What do I do?

Jimmy Dean Delights

My decision is almost always a coin toss. I try so hard to be a morning person. I WANT to be a morning person. The days I am good at it are always following the nights I make that decision to go to bed instead of staying up later.

Jimmy Dean Delights English Muffin

I wake up early, warm a cup of lemon water, pull out my planner and start scheduling my day. I catch up on emails and convince myself that it’s going to be a good day. Before the chaos of the morning routine with the kids begins, I take time and eat breakfast, while sitting down relaxing. I can easily make a Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese English Muffin from Jimmy Dean. Jimmy Dean Delights are made with real ingredients like whole eggs, lean meat and real vegetables, giving me a delicious, wholesome breakfast to start the day off right.

I often talk about getting breakfast on the table for the kids. I am always focused on fulfilling their needs; I often push mine to the side. So when I take this time, it makes a world of difference.

Lemon Water

However, most mornings aren’t that relaxing. The kids wake up early, bouncing off the walls while I am still half asleep. We get downstairs and I am frantically multi-tasking. I am trying to figure out what all needs to get done before we get out the door. Are the kids fed? Did the dog go outside yet? Is the laundry still in the dryer? Do I need to make Ethan lunch for school? My mind is going a hundred miles an hour and I am just trying to keep up with it all.

The next thing I know I am rushing everyone to get their shoes on and gather everything to get out the door. As I am tracking down my keys and my 4 year old’s left shoe, hunger hits me; all the rushing around and I didn’t eat. I grab a Jimmy Dean Delights, which is ready from the microwave in just two minutes. That’s quicker than it takes us to find my son’s shoe.

Jimmy Dean Delights On The Go

When we finally rush out the door I have a wholesome breakfast on the go with an excellent source of protein.

Breakfast on a busy day

A good start to the day is always important, even if it is rushed. That’s all I really know these days.

Check out the Morning Swap videos and watch as a busy working mom learns where the real ingredients like those in Jimmy Dean Delights come from!

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