Outdoor Play Idea – Kid’s Relays + DIY Kid’s Relay Baton

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This kid’s relay baton tutorial was written as part of my Let’s Play ambassadorship. Let’s Play is an initiative by Dr Pepper Snapple Group that provides kids and families with the tools, places and inspiration to make active play a daily priority by building and improving playgrounds and donating sports equipment to groups in need. Even though I am being compensated, I fully believe in the initiative. All opinions are my own.

Outdoor play is essential for kids. Active play lets kids release all that endless energy, plus it gets their eyes off the television and tablets. You can easily create simple activities and games outside with little or no toys needed. Simple play can be the best play.

Outdoor Play Idea - Kid's Relays + DIY Kid's Relay Baton

Lately every time the television is turned on, the most athletic people in the world are taking over the screen time. The kids have been intrigued by all of it. After watching some of the competitions, the kids started running around the house pretending they were competing with the best of them.

I tried to look around for something they can use as a relay baton, but I came up empty handed. I quickly decided to make do with just an empty paper towel roll.

Need some ideas for relay challenges? Head over to Let’s Play for a variety of ideas!

How to Make a Kid’s Relay Baton

How to Make a Kid's Relay Baton


  • Crepe Paper
  • Tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper roll(s)

DIY Kid's Relay Baton

If using a paper towel roll, cut in half for two batons.

Since my kids are younger, I decided to fold the tube in as shown above. This allows them to hold it easier and makes it sturdier.

Secure by wrapping tape all around the folded tube (packing tape works great).

How to Make a Kid's Relay Stick

Next, cover with glue or wrap with tape, sticky side on the outside.

Cover with crepe paper, tucking the ends inside the tube. Add a touch of glue or tape on the inside to secure each end.


Within minutes you have a simple, light-weight relay baton for the kids!

Outdoor Play Idea – Kid's Relays + DIY Kid's Relay Baton

Since I have 3 kids, our relays aren’t so much races, but just some back and forth fun to keep them moving.

I mark two lines 30-100 feet apart. Kid 1 & 2 are on one side, while kid 3 is on the opposing side. Then, kid 1 can run to kid 3 and pass the baton to kid 3.

Outdoor Play Idea – Kid's Relays + DIY Kid's Relay Baton

He then waits there while kid 3 passes off to kid 2, which goes to kid 1 and repeat.

Outdoor Play Idea – Kid's Relays + DIY Kid's Relay Baton

When we have more kids around, we have a longer relay with a finish line. This is great when all the neighborhood kids are out.

When the kids get ‘bored’ of just running back and forth, add various actions/tasks between each baton switch. Don’t forget to check out my article on Let’s Play for those ideas!

Outdoor Play Idea – Kid's Relays + DIY Kid's Relay Baton

What are some of your favorite simple play ideas to keep kids moving?


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