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I’m sharing a printable football matching game and Goldfish® Crackers as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #GoldfishCrowd

Football playoffs to make fun game days around our house. We typically involve friends, family, delicious foods and snacks. We have been getting the little ones more involved lately, including learning the ins and outs of the game.

Free Printable Football Matching Game

I’m sharing a DIY activity book with Goldfish® seasonal crackers as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #GoldfishCrowd

The holiday season is just around the corner friends. Are you ready for it? I really want to just through this month, but for me, the holiday season is already on my mind. I am already planning the dinner parties and holiday events we will be hosting at our house through the end of the year. Luckily, we don’t host every single one of them. I don’t think I would survive.

Ideas for Traveling with Kids including a DIY 4x6 Activity Book with Printables #GoldfishCrowd

I’m sharing sight words Bingo activity with Goldfish® Pretzel as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales

Educational activities each day is important for the kids and I. As much as I try to enforce learning, they are one step ahead and are eager to learn new things and practice what they do know. Since the boys are pretty close in age, it makes it easier sometimes because they can all work on the same thing, and often my oldest can teach his brothers a thing or two.

Sight Words BINGO with Free Printables #GoldfishTales

We had a fun family day under the sun with colorful letters and Banana Boat® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #BestSummerEver

With summer in full swing and my oldest son home every day, I do what I can to fit learning into our activities. Pulling out an activity book sometimes works, but isn’t as fun as hands-on learning and definitely doesn’t hold their attention as long. Taking learning activities to the backyard makes for hours of fun.

Backyard Learning Ideas - Activities using Colorful Letters for Different Ages #BestSummerEver

We had a fun family day under the sun with water balloons and Banana Boat® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #BestSummerEver

Last week I sat down with the boys and we started brainstorming things for our summer bucket list. My five-year-old wrote out a list, including activities his brothers suggested. Most of the activities they agreed on involved water play and spending hours outdoors.

Fun water balloon games for the whole family! Great for backyard parties! #BestSummerEver

I’m sharing our fun adventure walks and snack with Goldfish® Puffs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales

One thing I love doing with the boys is to go on walks. Getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying the great outdoors is always a great way for us to relax. There are many different things we like to do on our walks to make them more entertaining, educational, and adventurous.

Favorite Things To Do on Outdoor Adventure Walks #GoldfishTales