A Unique Way to Add Some Style to Your Office

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ReStockIt Review

We moved into our house just over a year ago. I thought that starting with all white walls and a blank slate would make decorating the house easier. Well, I was wrong. More wrong that I ever thought I would be. We purchased all new furniture and painted the living room almost immediately. It still took us a few months to start hanging pictures and decor on the walls. Next we painted the laundry room and then it took almost a year to decide on a paint color for the kitchen (we still have yet to agree on back splash tiles). Last week we finally painted the dining room and hung up some artwork (my favorite room so far because we painted it dark red with a wine theme). So on the main floor, that leaves the office and the entryway. I have been really trying to kick it in high gear to get the office project started because I work on the computer every day, so I want the room to be inviting and inspiring. It is also the first room you see when you come into our house.

What’s Wrong with My Office

Updating My Office

So even after a year of being in our house, there is so much that is just flat out wrong with our office.

  • The walls haven’t been painted and are still white, blah. 
  • In an effort to start decorating, we added some picture frame, but I have yet to add pictures in them.
  • We have 3 book shelves in the office and none of them are organized and there is even still a box that was never unpacked from the move (just needs to be organized and put in the basement, obviously not that important). There are also lots of canvas totes that are full of cables, files, booklets, and anything I couldn’t find a home for.
  • We have yet to get an office chair. Do you see that above? We have a dining room chair….in the office. Not comfortable to be sit on for long periods of times and not ideal.

Things have got to change before I go crazy! I love organization and have a love for new post-it notes, binders and any kind of office supplies (one thing I miss about a desk job). I really don’t have long periods of time to go through everything and haven’t found exactly what I want (or just can’t make a decision). I know that since I work on the computer all the time, it should be done, but I use a laptop most of the time in other rooms besides the office, so it is easy to avoid the unfinished room.

Adding Style with a Necessity

Mid-Back Swivel Swirl Mesh Chair

Since I love shopping online, I was browsing ReStockIt.com shortly after getting introduced to the site. They have so many great home and office products, but I knew I needed to get an office chair. I was just done with the dining room chair in the office. That’s when I saw it: The OIF Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Mesh Swirl ChairI have never seen a chair that had swirls and style! I am use to boring black chairs. I kept browsing chairs, but couldn’t stop thinking of all the ways the swirl chair could do my office some good. So I stopped looking and knew I had to get it. After ordering it, I couldn’t wait for the box to arrive and see what it looked like. Who would have thought a chair could possibly bring style to an office?

OIF Swivel Chair Review

When the box finally came, I had my wonderful husband put the chair together. It was just a few simple steps to attach the pieces and wheels so I could have done it without him, but I like him to feel needed. The best part, which I didn’t even expect, was the design on the back of the chair. There was no back view on the website when I ordered it, so I didn’t even know the true beauty of the chair until we actually got it together. It adds a stylish chic feel to the room and I haven’t even don’t anything else in there yet.

Not only does it look amazing, the chair is also comfortable. The bottom is greatly padded and the back of the chair curves for extra support. It is covered with a breathable mesh for cool comfort.I cannot express how much I love my new office chair and it is so much better than a dining room chair. I can use it for hours and still be comfortable.

I have decided to finish the rest of the office with a focus on the chair’s black and white swirl design. I have been brewing up some ideas for new organization, wall decor and more. I look forward to sharing all my tips, ideas and progress with you. I assure you, it will not be tomorrow, but I am extremely motivated with this awesome focal point.

OIF Chair to Add Style to Your Office

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9 comments on A Unique Way to Add Some Style to Your Office

  • Crystal A.

    I love that chair! It is so cute!

  • Brianne

    These are so cute, I want one!! I love finding new ways to make undecorated areas of my house look great!

  • Ashley

    Oh I love the design of the chair!!! My office is boring beige… and I’ve done nothing with it :( Maybe I’ll check out these chairs to add some flair :)

  • Tonya

    That is the most gorgeous chair! It definitely adds style. Now I want one!

  • Amanda

    I love your chair! How gorgeous and it makes such a difference!

  • Jennie Hawkins

    If I win this I would buy Ink for my printer!.

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