The Walgreens Mobile App Lets Me Shop from Home with Ease

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How to use the Walgreens Mobile App to Shop from Home #CBias #HappyHealthy

Before I had kids, and even when I just had one, I would go the store and run errands almost daily. Now that I have three little guys, ages three and under, it isn’t that easy to get out of the house. Running to the store to pick up a few things just doesn’t happen anymore. I’ve had to change the way I shop and stock up on everyday products to make it easier for my family and me. I have been shopping online more frequently and more recently from my phone via apps such as the Walgreens Mobile App. The ease of the app can make a world of difference at the end of a long day.

Why I Needed to Use the Walgreens App

Why Walgreens App is Great for Me #CBias #HappyHealthy

Last week, my sons were asking for their Cars Vitamin Gummies after breakfast. That’s when I noticed there were only a handful left and for some reason, I didn’t have a back-up bottle like I normally do. I told my sons that we were going to have to get some soon before we ran out. That was a mistake. I think all my two and three year old heard was ‘We are going bye-bye’  because they immediately raced to the front door and started arguing over who was going to open it and be the first one out. They didn’t even want to stop to change out of their pajamas, so I already knew it was going to be a long day. It typically ends up taking at least an hour just to get out the door and I knew that day it would take longer. So I came to the conclusion that I would make my trip to Walgreens to get some vitamins and a few other things that evening after the kids all went to bed.

Logging into the Walgreens Mobile App #CBias #HappyHealthy

Once I got the kids to bed and sat down to relax, I remembered I had to go to the store. But I was tired. I was exhausted. I didn’t even want to get up to get my laptop. I wanted to be lazy before I fell asleep. That’s when I remembered I downloaded the Walgreens App on my phone a few weeks ago and it had an option to shop right from the app. So while I sat back in the recliner with my feet propped up, watching TV, I signed into my Walgreens account to see just how easy it is to use.

Walgreens Balance Rewards

The Balance Rewards Program Linked to the App #CBias #HappyHealthy

After I logged in, I saw the Rewards icon and remembered I had a Balance Rewards Card I haven’t used much. Since I haven’t used the app that much, I was prompted to sign up or scan my card to link the two. After I did, the information was instantly stored. I love the Balance Rewards because it is a free program that allows you to get sale prices and earn points with featured products each week. As little as 5,000 points can be redeemed for a $5 reward. Being rewarded for everyday purchases is a plus for me!

Shopping with Ease on the Walgreens Mobile App

How Easy it is to Shop via the Walgreens App #CBias #HappyHealthy

Navigating the Walgreens Mobile App is easy. I have the option to search for products or to browse by category. I first searched for Cars Vitamin Gummies and the product pulled up immediately. I noticed they were on sale: Buy 1 Get 1 50% off. Since I like to keep an extra one, I decided to get two and take advantage of the sale. I also picked up some vitamins for me and Claritin for my son. After that I proceeded to checkout. I viewed my order and noticed I was eligible for 5,000 Balance Rewards Points. That’s $5! Payment options were credit or PayPal. I loved that I had the option to pay with PayPal because I have all my credit cards stored in my account already making it even easier. I completed my order and knew within 2-5 business days, I would have my order at my front door. I purchased four things and it only took me a few minutes from start to finish. That is a lot of time saved! I put my phone down continued to relax on the recliner while everyone else was asleep and I didn’t have to worry about going to the store anymore.

#CBias #HappyHealthy

My order was placed late Thursday night, so I was quite surprised today (Monday) when the package arrived. Ethan loves when the delivery guy rings the doorbell because he knows there could be something for him outside in a box. He ran out to get the box and couldn’t wait to see what it was. Walgreens really came through for me and I already want to order more things just to use the app again. #HappyHealthy.

You can see my whole shopping experience and process in my Google+ album. For the latest Walgreens updates, be sure to follow @Walgreens on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

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7 comments on The Walgreens Mobile App Lets Me Shop from Home with Ease

  • Jeannette

    I love this app! It has saved me several times when I didn’t want to go out. It’s really amazing how easy they make it to shop from your phone!

  • Dawn Lopez

    What a cool app, I need to check this out! Love that.. and love saving trips out to the store!

  • Greta

    That’s great! It probably cuts down on those impulse item purchases too.

  • Chrysa

    I love the app too, but my favorite part is definitely that I always have my bonus rewards ard at my fingertips!

  • Alicia

    “they immediately raced to the front door and started arguing over who was going to open it and be the first one out. They didn’t even want to stop to change out of their pajamas”

    It must be a boy thing, because I have three of them too and this sounds just like them:)

  • Kate

    I need to get this. My fiancé was giving me a hard time because I walked more than 30 miles at a trade how this weekend (thank you fitbit) and I didn’t track it on Walgreens.

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