Goal Setting Tips {Printable Worksheet}

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I have always been one to set goals, list them out, make action plans, etc. Goals are a great way to stay focused having the end product in mind. Today I am sharing some goal setting tips and a printable goals worksheet to help you stay on track.

Goal Setting Tips with a FREE Printable Worksheet

Goal setting can be overwhelming, specially when there are various areas you are focusing on with different deadlines. To have a good overview of everything I am working towards, I created a Current Goals worksheet.


Goal Setting Tips with a FREE Printable Worksheet

Tips for goal-setting and staying on track

  • Write everything down. Use the printable worksheet to keep track of things you are currently working on.
  • Recognize general or larger scale priorities. List them first on the sheet.


  • Break goals up into categories. My printable worksheet has seven different sections that can be filled in. Some examples: Running, organization, deep cleaning, meal planning, eating healthier, work, etc.
  • Keep goals small and obtainable. Within each section/area, list smaller goals and action plans.
  • Don’t be afraid to have more than one sheet or to re-do the sheet every week or two. As long as you are giving them attention, you are working towards your goals.
  • Keep the worksheet somewhere you will always see. I keep mine on my office desk, but on a command center or frig may work for you.


  • Track accomplishments. When I finally ran that 3 miles I have been working towards, I wrote it down in my planner. Later in the week I may be feeling down, and just a glance of my achievement can be a great reminder that I can do something.


  • Set yourself up for success. Do things that will help you reach your goals. I have been trying to walk and/or run at least 3 times a week. There were times that I would make excuses, such as not having time to get ready. Since then, I have created a bag filled with things I need before heading out to hit the pavement. Complete with running shoes, water bottle, headphones, towel and ZonePerfect® nutrition bars.
  • Celebrate your wins. Not just the big ones, but celebrate the Little Wins™, too. A lot of my goals focus on taking care of myself for a change. This includes snacking healthier and enjoying a quick, relaxing snack after a run or in the middle of an appointment packed day always feels like a celebration.

Instead of grabbing a candy bar, I grab one of the ZonePerfect® bars I keep at my desk, in my bag and/or in the pantry. I keep a variety so when I go for a healthy snack option, I don’t get bored of the same flavors. Currently in the rotation: ZonePerfect® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, ZonePerfect® Fudge Graham, and ZonePerfect® Chocolate Peanut Butter.

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How do you stay on track with your goals?

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