A Typical ‘Date Night’ as Parents of Young Children

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In the middle of last week, I told my husband “I need a date night.” I really needed a good adult conversation and just a little time without one or two kids saying “Mom! Mom? MOMMY!” every few minutes while a toddler pulls at my arms to pick him up. We really don’t get to go out that often and it’s pretty obvious. After I told my husband, he replied that he was talking to my Dad the previous night and my Dad mentioned that we hadn’t went out in awhile and offer to watch the kids one evening. “Think of some things you want to do besides just go to dinner, ” says my husband…

A Typical 'Date Night' as Parents of Young Children
What are the first things that come to mind since we have a sitter?

  • We need to re-stock the pantry and we could get the shopping done fast without the kids…
  • I have my Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card and I am dying to know how much is on it…
  • Oh yea, the kids need spring clothes. I have a coupon for Children’s Place plus they are having a sale…
  • Hey, the mall across town has a Victoria’s Secret AND Children’s Place, PLUS an Old Navy. This could work…
  • But we haven’t been to Sam’s Club in about month, we should go there and stock up on food…
  • I also need to go to Michaels for some new projects I want to get started next week…
  • Oh yea, I want to look at Home Depot to see what play-sets they have in stock…

Wait a minute.

None of these things scream DATE NIGHT!

But that is how it always goes. Well, my husband normally doesn’t like me taking him to shop for kids clothes or craft supplies. But besides that, all the other things are what we tend to do when we get a babysitter for a few hours, even in the evening and even on the weekends. Honestly, it really isn’t that bad. I mean, we get some time out of the house alone and kid-free for a few hours plus we are getting things done. It is MUCH quicker doing any kind of shopping without a 1,2, and/or 3 year old wanting to touch and grab everything in sight.

So what did we do? After my wonderful parents came over Saturday evening, we went to Home Depot to check out the play-set kits they have in stock. Spend way too much time in there considering we did not buy any of the few they had. Then we went to dinner and I enjoyed a Sangria :) Peaceful and nice to not have to cook either!  After that, we went grocery shopping. While we were headed to the grocery store, I commented on how I said ‘Date Night’ and I wanted to grocery shop. My poor hubby said that he is use to it by now :/

It was a great evening out even though we didn’t do anything fancy. We still got to spend time together, I got out of the house, and we were productive. I am sure we will plan a REAL date night soon. It has been since New Year’s Eve since we did something that didn’t involve one of the above.

Am I alone here? Do you have ‘normal’ date nights?


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6 comments on A Typical ‘Date Night’ as Parents of Young Children

  • Pam

    Lol! That sounds exactly like our date nights. When I read what you were doing I thought, “Hey! I do the same thing every time.” When the kids were younger my husband had a once a year business trip to somewhere tropical and no kids were allowed. I really enjoyed those weekends. They forced me not to do chores!

  • Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I think it’s natural to get some things done while you can without kids underfoot. I’m pretty sure you’re not alone here!

  • Ashley

    Hehe, I think my situation is a little different. Since I’m not exactly married, my date nights get to be dates! But I know what you mean. I always have my sitter arrived a little earlier so I can get an errand or two done before heading out to dinner :) It’s so much easier to run errands without those little hands reaching and out and grabbing everything!!

  • Liza @ Views From the 'Ville

    Those sound almost EXACTLY like our “date nights” (esp. Sam’s Club) – except we still take our daughter with us when we go :P

  • Jennifer Williams

    We have never hired a sitter so shopping would not be bad. Our date night is watching our favorite shows together once the kids are asleep.

  • Susan

    We try to have normal date nights, but it can be hard.

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