The ‘Heated’ Thermostat Debate + Some Readers Average Temperature Settings

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themostat average temperature debate

Some things never change. In my house, one of those things happen to be our typical thermostat disagreement. It never fails, the issue comes up at least once a week. I am always cold. My husband is always hot. I am always bundled under blankets and he is sweating without any covers. Last Sunday evening, as I went to turn the temperature up a notch after we put the kids to bed (my son’s room was cold), my husband started talking about how hot he was and blah blah blah . Well, that’s all I heard while I was thinking, Here we go again…

Why does it go that way? Lately, I have the thermostat set on 73 during the day and turn it up to 74-75 after the kids go to bed. I do this for the sake of my kids. All the bedrooms are upstairs and they are colder than the rest of the house. My three year old’s room is always the coldest. Anyway, Sunday after turning it up, my husband started his spiel about how most people keep the thermostat set at 68. I told him he was making that up so I would turn it down. He told me to ‘Google’ it (his normal way of settling a debate). So I did. The most information I found was that 68 was the best temperate to save money and energy or something. That wasn’t enough for me so I turned to my trusted Facebook fans.

I asked what people set their thermostats at during winter nights (see the thread here). I didn’t expect much of a response, but my fans came through (THANKS! YOU ROCK!!) I had over 350 responses and it seems we are not the only couple to disagree about thermostat settings. I decided to go through and read each comment (which I always do because I love my fans) and record each answer. I got some great tips and advice mixed with the temperatures, which was awesome! Now, before checking out my fancy pie chart I made, you must remember these are not scientific statistics! They were spontaneously gathered to settle an argument and many contributing factors are not accounted for (I.E. temperature outside, ages of household members).

Average Thermostat Setting for Winter Chart

Well, there you have it… My husband won. Thank you Facebook fans for letting him win his one argument for the month ;) 88 people said that they keep theirs set at 68. Some of which said they always have it set on 68. I was at the high-end for sure at 74-75.

Did anything result out of this? Slightly. Not that I am going to start freezing my rear off, but the numbers did make me notice I do keep it a little warm in here. So the next day I left it on 72 all day and night. I survived and so did my little ones. Then Tuesday I turned it down to 71. I was a little chilly, but once I put on a hoodie, I was fine and we made it through the day and night. But, it has be on 71 since then. I haven’t brought myself to go lower yet. But I think 75 to 71 is decent change. We will see what the new week brings!

What do you keep your thermostat set at?


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12 comments on The ‘Heated’ Thermostat Debate + Some Readers Average Temperature Settings

  • Kimberly Miller

    Hi there, I just wanted to say I love the article and would love to add my comment. :) DH and I always have the stat between 79 and 85; but before your jaw hits the floor, it’s because we have a ball python as a pet and she demands it. It can be expensive but I don’t mind as long as it makes her comfortable.

  • Ashley

    I keep mine at 67 degrees during the day, and then up to 68-71 during the night. I should note however that I live in a condo, up on the very top floor. Since heat rises, 67 in our home feels warmer, than a 67 in a stand alone house. Even when I went the lobby downstairs, it feels cooler than when I walk into my home, and the lobby thermostat is set higher than mine!

  • kandi

    I keep mime at 68 during the day then 72 at night. Your budget will appreciate the change!

  • Krista Huskey

    The doctors at the hospital told us that the house is to stay between 68-72 degrees for children and especially babies. We leave ours at 68 because it’s not too cold for Caden and it isn’t too warm for us. They also said that it is likely that if you are cold, your child is cold. BUT, that depends on metabolisim. People with higher metabolisims or those overweight are “warmer.” Maybe you two should meet in the middle?


    I found the key to it all….. HEATING BLANKETS!!! I much like your husband stay warm and my wife and dtr stay cool/cold. I bought 3 full size heating blankets, 1 lays over the length of the couch and is digitally adjusted, 1 in my dtrs room and the 3rd over my wife all night which also keeps me perfectly comfortable. I adjust the temp at 6 am it goes to 68, 9 am drops to 66 and stays there all day, 7pm till 10pm 68 and then 64 all night long…. what a money saver and comfort it has turned out to be…

  • Brenda

    This completely made my day. I like the house at 72 so I don’t feel as if I am freezing, but to keep the bill reasonable, the thermostat is set at 68 and I bundle up. How can that four degree difference make me feel as if it is below freezing in the house?!

  • MyKidsGuide

    I like to be warm during the day, so I put it up to about 68. At night, I like my body toasty but my head cool. I use blankets and turn the temp down to around 65. I never go above 70, unless I’m really freezing and just can’t get warm any other way.

  • evans s

    I tried 68 but it is way to cold at that temp especially on the rare occasions we get really cold, The lowest we have reached here is about high 20s. Now I set it to 71-73 days. The guy that services our AC says he keeps his at 75 during the winter. I tell everyone to wear warm clothes and stop walking around in shorts and tank tops like it is summertime. I usually have to run the space heater in the living room on really cold days. I run hot air humidifiers in the bedrooms at night which also helps warm the air and keep the air moist for my kids who are prone to nosebleeds.

  • Winter

    Our t-stat is constantly at 60 because we heat with wood. Our bedroom doors are usually shut and cool at night while the rest of the house is toasty. In the day time I only keep a small fire and the temp is about 68.

  • Jeannette

    I keep mine at 72 for the kids – it gets so cold upstairs in their rooms. I told my hubby when they grow up and move out he can keep it any temp he wants – guess I’ll just have to keep having kids so I don’t freeze – LOL!

  • Meghan @ Crazy Casa K

    We just got the NEST – a cool new thermostat the learns your preferences and helps save money on the energy bill. Our range is 68-72 at night and 72-77 at night!

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