Hockey, Pizza, & Family – Game Time Fun

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This game time & pizza post is part of a sponsored #GameTimeGoodies #cbias campaign for Collective Bias®. All opinions expressed are my own.

Theme night (or days) are always a hit in my house. We like to have movie nights, themed dinner parties, game nights, etc. For me, it’s more of an easy excuse to have some family time. No matter what we are gathering together for, food and family are always the common factors.

Game Time Pizza for Family Fun

For some of our theme nights (especially sports or game nights), I like to take a break from slaving in the kitchen. It is a good reason to have a chance to unwind with the family and just take it easy. When I don’t have to focus on cooking for at least an hour, I can spend more quality time with the kids and make sure I don’t miss that one big play of the game.

DiGiorno Pizza at Walmart on Rollback Pricing

When it comes to those foods, one of my easy go-to game-time meals include pizza. It’s a household favorite, so I make sure my freezer is stocked at all times. The best way to do this is to grab a few every time I am out shopping and spot a great deal.

Most recently, that was at Walmart. I couldn’t help but notice the $4.50 rollback on DiGiorno pizzas, almost a dollar cheaper than previously. Since I couldn’t pass up the deal, I picked up a few to add to our freezer and was hoping for a night off of cooking.

DiGiorno Pizzas

Then I thought of the perfect way. Lately, we have been watching a lot of sports. My oldest of three sons is only four, but sports is already starting to play a huge role in our house. Almost every day, we either play sports, games featuring sports, or watch a big game on TV.

Pepperoni DiGiorno Pizza

And it’s pretty easy here in St. Louis, as sports are a pretty big deal. So when a good game is on, I take that opportunity to make a family night out of it.

If I ask my kids what they want to eat on any given night, 75% of the time their answer is pepperoni pizza. They don’t get it as often as they would like, so when they do, they get excited. Pair that with the game and family, it makes for one fun evening for everyone.

Game Time & Pizza Night with DiGiorno

This week there were some awesome hockey games on so I got that family night. The kids got their requested pepperoni pizza, and I made a salad to go with it. A supreme pizza was more fitting for my husband and I. My favorite part is the olives, so I decided to add a few extra and have some fun with them.

Hockey Fun with Supreme Pizza

Crossed hockey sticks and a puck to get everyone ready for the game. Now, the pizza is ready for some hockey fans.

How do you have game time fun?

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6 comments on Hockey, Pizza, & Family – Game Time Fun

  • Joanne

    Now you got me in the mood for pizza!!! When I go shopping later I have to look for this brand. Thanks!

  • Mama to 5 BLessings

    Cute idea, my husband played hockey from the time he was a kids all the way through college. He would love this! Our family enjoys this pizza, Tastes yummy!

  • Gingermommy

    That looks like a fun way to have game night! Love the black olives :) we eat a lot of pizza here (2 teen boys in the house)

  • Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

    How cute–I bought 14 tickets to the Islanders Hockey game next week for our family and all our nieces and nephews–this would make a great snack per game!! thanks so sharing

  • Tonia

    My kids do the same thing! And the other 25% of the time, my son wants pasta! #client

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