How to Plan a Superhero Party on a Budget

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What boy (or girl!) doesn’t love superhero birthday themed parties! Today, I want to talk about how to plan a superhero birthday party on a budget. We specialize in boy parties on my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams. That means I have a ton of party ideas to help you plan yours! Whether you’re looking for ideas on decorations, dessert tables, party favors or games, here are my tips on how to make it equal parts budget-friendly and awesome.

Superhero Party IdeasRather than focus on the trademarked superhero characters, I really like the idea of using just “superhero.” That way you’re not tied into using specific images on your plates, napkins, etc. and it can be a money saver. It also allows you to incorporate any imaginative super abilities you want into your superhero theme.

Inexpensive Superhero Invite Idea

Ramp up excitement for your party with a fun invitation. A picture of the birthday celebrant in superhero costume is a great teaser of what is to come. Send your invite as a jpg via email to eliminate printing costs.

DIY Superhero Masks, Capes and Cuffs

Of course at a superhero party, every kid just has to hide their identity behind a mask and a cape. You can easily make both. I’ve seen masks successfully made of paper, craft foam or felt. If you can’t easily DIY, they can also often be picked up at the dollar store.

Capes can be sewn out of fabric of course, but you can also use felt and fabric glue if you aren’t a seamstress. I’ve even seen capes cut from XXL Goodwill t-shirts!

Make super power wrist cuffs by decorating cardboard paper rolls to complete costumes. Once you have covered the cardboard rolls with paper or paint, you can leave the embellishing to party guests. Have markers, stickers and buttons set up at an activity table and let the kids’ imaginations take over! These costume pieces can also serve as take-home favors.

Super Activities and Games

A superhero theme lends itself to some super cool party games and activities. Here are a few low-cost activities that work well:

• Make an obstacle course using play tunnels, mountains of pillows, tall buildings (cereal or cardboard boxes
• Have “bad guy” target practice by using a cardboard box target and small bean bags
• Hold a weight lifting competition (show off!) using balloons taped onto an old handle, or a PVC pipe
• Capture the “villain” (big brother? Dad?) using silly string
• Use yarn or string to create a “laser” maze that the superheroes must get through
• Decimate the piñata villain (make your own version with a balloon and newspaper mache)
• Disguise (decorate) cupcakes

Inexpensive Superhero Party Decorations

Now for decorations—keep it simple. The energetic superheroes in their capes will be dashing about and decorating every corner anyway! Paper masks on balloons, colored paper pennants strung around the main party area or black poster board cityscape silhouettes on the wall can be effective in establishing atmosphere. You can also use comic books to make banners or placemats.

Superhero Cake Ideas

If you opt for food in addition to a birthday cake, label your food with such fun monikers as “muscle food”, “hero mix” or “elixir of life”. Familiar foods that can be eaten out-of-hand are especially kid-friendly.

Decorate your food table with bowls wearing hero eye masks and cereal boxes disguised as city buildings. Use your everyday dishes (unless they’re a feminine floral!) or bright colored paper products.


I hope these ideas to jump-start your imagination. Look around at what you already have, add some cardboard and paint and you can create a birthday party full of fun memories. Your kids will think you are Mrs. Incredible!

 What’s your favorite superhero party idea?


Stephanie Keeping is mom to a boy named Sam, a blogger, and an Etsy-preneur. She celebrates boyish charm at Spaceships and Laser Beams, where she talks about all things boy and birthday party. You can connect with her on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and on Etsy.

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