Selecting the Perfect Valentine’s Day Card for Loved Ones

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It’s hard to believe Valentine’s Day is next week. I may be a slightly emotional person and it doesn’t take much to make me tear up. Cardstore is reminding us that ‘It’s Okay to Cry’ and embrace these emotions and sentiments. Heartfelt greeting cards are an easy way to express feelings and maybe even say something that is hard to vocalize.

I love greeting cards. Making them. Sending them. Getting them. Everything about them. In this digital age, most people turn to email or status updates on social media sites to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Anniversary’ or ‘Congratulations’. I feel like cards aren’t appreciated as much anymore, but they can mean so much to someone. Even just the gratification of sending one, knowing that it made a loved one smile.

For Valentine’s Day, I like to send cards to family and friends with pictures of the boys and a simple Valentine’s Day message. There are family members that are states away, and any reason to send them a little love is a good one. Then, I also make a few cards, personalized, for my husband, kids, and parents. Selecting the perfect card is important.

5 Tips for Selecting Valentine’s Day Cards

  • Order has hundreds of cards for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day. I have ordered from them many times, and each time is flawless with quality cards. I can get everything I need without leaving my house (because trying to pick out a card with three little ones in tow is never easy).

  • Pick the Type of Card with the Recipient in Mind – Remember who you are making the card for and select a card that is funny, heartful, simple, or flirty. The Cardstore has easy navigation with filters to narrow down the type of  card that is perfect for you.
  • Customize it – Select a card that you can add the recipients name. Have fun and use a nickname or ‘pet name’ on the card.
  • Add a Photo –  The majority of cards found on allow you to upload a photo or more. If they don’t have a photo slot on the front, you can add one on the inside. This shows your loved one that you put extra effort into making the card and makes it one-of-a-kind.
  • Always Add a Personal Message – Take the time to put your feelings into your own words. The pre-written wording on the card did the hard part, now summarize it or add a personal story to it. Say everything you have wanted to say but haven’t been able to. Maybe even try to get them to shed a tear of joy and love.

Sometimes picking the right card isn’t easy. It can be hard to pick from all the options. The card I picked out for my husband this year was a heartfelt one. It’s a little wordy, but I like to pick cards that say a lot.

Valentine's Day Card for Husband

I also created a few cards for the kids. This is the one I made for my 4 year old.

Kids Valentine's Day Card

Hurry and visit to view their large selection of Valentine’s Day cards and create ones of your own. Please note: The last to order for Valentine’s Day cards is February 6th. 

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  • Ashley S

    I love it when cards are personalized!! Adding that special touch always makes them so much more meaningful :)

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