It’s a Fab Five Friday! July 18th Edition

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Who’s excited it’s Friday?

I am just glad this week is about over. It was slightly derailed (I’ll get to that at the end of the post) early on, making it a tough week. Since last Friday, most the memorable moments happened over the weekend into Monday.

Here’s a look back at this week’s happenings (mainly revolving around the little ones, again):

Happy boys with new haircuts

1. The boys all got a fresh haircut over the weekend. All of them have pretty thick hair, so in the summer they need haircuts frequently. Each time though, it makes me a little sad because they look so grown up :(

Jack & the Never Land Pirates Birthday Party Treasure Dig

2. My friend threw an awesome Jack and the Never Land Pirates birthday party for her 2 year old over the weekend. She loves doing themed parties and always does an amazing job. The boys loved every second of it.

Just another manic Monday

3. The beginning of the week started with just another manic Monday. I am extremely blessed to work from home, but some mornings are just plain crazy. Luckily I have lots of coffee and the kids love their LEGOs.

4. My oldest and youngest had wellness check-ups this week. They are both growing well and healthy. Those are the easy doctors appointments.

My adventurous, care-free, 3 year old

5. Then there is this adventurous, care-free, 3 year old. I mean, all the boys are pretty care-free, crazy, and constantly full of non-stop energy. But Chase takes the cake. Monday evening they were all running around inside and ran into each other and Chase fell in such a way that he gashed the back of his head either on the corner of the wall or the corner of the molding at the bottom.

The bleeding didn’t last long, but we decided to take him to the Kid’s Urgent Care Clinic just to make sure it wasn’t that bad. They said it wasn’t that bad, but he did need 3 staples in his head. Let me tell you, he handled it much better than I did (picture above was shortly after we got home that evening). It was hard for me to see staples being put into my little boy’s head. This is also the same 3 year old who broke his leg jumping off a toy-box less than a year ago. I don’t know how many more injuries I can handle, especially with him.

All week I have been extremely paranoid thinking he is going to do it again, make the wound worse, or rip the staples out. It’s hard to keep him from running around, especially with two brothers. Luckily, we get to have them removed Monday morning. Hopefully that will go well!

So how has your week been so far? Have a fabulous weekend!


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