Potty Training Playdate Party + Pull-Ups Big Kid Prep List

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Last month when I visited Kimberly-Clark Headquarters, I learned about some valuable potty-training tips and resources. Between the many tips, resources, and products, I couldn’t wait to share it all with my friends. What better way to do that than to host a potty-training playdate party!

Potty Training Party

I have a good number of friends that toddlers that are either about to begin the potty-training journey or have just started. A couple have tried briefly only to give up after some obstacles. So it was time to see how we could help each other out.

Potty Training Playdate

Having a playdate to talk potty-training is beneficial for both the kids and parents. Every child is different and every experiences is unique. However, to hear other fail/success stories, and to share ideas and resources with one another can be extremely helpful. Plus the kids get to play together and run all that energy off.

Food Table for Potty-Training Party

Pull-Ups Potty Training Party Cupcakes

But first, what party is complete without some food? We set up a little table with crackers, cheese, meat, juice and cupcakes. We also had some fruit and veggies. Our playdate was in the late morning, so it was a little early lunch for the kids. Sweets are a must with every little party we throw, so I topped some cupcakes with large candy confetti.


Potty Training Party Assignments & Homework

The ‘Assignments & Homework’ table was full of products and resources to help my mom friends and their toddlers in the potty training journey.

Potty Training Party Homework

Everyone got a clipboard with their homework to take home. This included some stickers for their progress charts, Disney Jr. coloring pages, and the Big Kid Prep List. The list allowed them to always have the information on things we discussed at the party: the helpful resources for preparing for potty training, Time to Potty App, Progress Charts, and a shopping list of products to assist in the journey.

Potty Training Party - Pull-Ups Products

The shopping list of products for Big Kid Prep includes:

  • Pull-Ups Training Pants: Each party guest took a package home to get started and experience the benefits of the Pull-Ups (which I discussed in my Potty Training Tips & Resources post). We also talked about the Cool Alert Pull-Ups which the moms at my party were very interested in. I also had a Pull-Ups Starter Kit out for my friends to see and learn about. The boys addition is the Jack Treasure Chest!
  • Big Kid Flushable Wipes: Helps with toddlers independence.
  • Easy Clothing: Dressing toddlers in clothing that is easy to get on and off makes potty time easier for them. This means avoiding belts, buttons, and snaps.
  • Potty Chair: There are many potty seat options. When we got our Cars one, my youngest finally wanted to start potty training. If fact, the day we got it, he sat on the seat for an hour determined to go potty. However, it was right before nap time and instead he just fell asleep ;)
  • Potty Rewards: A little incentive for motivation to keep using the potty.

Potty Training Treat Jars for a Potty Party

In addition the to stickers in the ‘homework’, I had little jars for the kids to take home that included a ‘starter’ of treats. I had success with my oldest using mini M&Ms, since they were small, but still a treat. Just 1 M&M for a successful potty break (or 2 for a #2). For the party though, we used some Kisses because the wrapper color fit the theme. And I knew by the time they got home, the treats would most likely be eaten.

Mom Gifts with Starbucks Gift Cards at Potty Training Party

And I couldn’t forget about the parents. Potty training is frustrating for Mom (and Dad). To help out, each parent that came to the party got a reusable coffee cup with a Starbucks gift card inside. I created a simple cup wrapper that says “Cheers to the start of a successful potty-training journey.”

It was a great encouragement for the parents. It brought up conversations about how frustrations are difficult, stressful, but manageable. One mom told us how she tried potty-training a few months ago, then her daughter got sick, then they went out of town, and it was one thing or another that prevented and halted the training.

Encouraging each other and making sure we all stay on track this time was very successful. If you have fellow parents that are going through potty training, no matter what stage they are at, I highly recommend having a playdate and chatting about your struggles, what has worked, and ask lots of questions.

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Host a Potty Training Party to Share Tips with Fellow Parents & Encourage the Toddlers

Don’t forget to enroll your toddler in the Big Kid Academy (full of articles, Disney fun, offers, ways to stay motivated, and learning tools). It is also helpful to connect with Pull-Ups on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest to get the latest tips and advice. You can also read my potty-training tips and resources post from last month.

If you have any potty-training questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

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