How to Get Rid of Garbage Odors

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I’m sharing the easiest way to get rid of garbage odors with Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #ZepSocialstars

Here in the wonderful Midwest, the last week has finally started to feel like spring. It gets me in the mood to open the windows, get some fresh air in the house, and start deep cleaning. I have been organizing closets, going through boxes that have been stashed since we moved (shhh, that was over 3 years ago), and trying to get rid of things that haven’t been used in years.

The Easiest Way to Eliminate Garbage Odors #ZepSocialstars

While I do all my spring cleaning, I always have 3 areas/piles: Keep, Donate/Sell, Trash. As much as I like to donate things we don’t need anymore, there are plenty of items that are unusable, broken, missing pieces, etc. Especially when it comes to anything in the kids’ rooms. Boxes are starting to be packed & stored downstairs and numerous trash bags have been stuffed with the “unusables”. As I lug the bulging trash bags outside, I take a deep breath of the fresh air as the sun instantly beats down on my face and the warm weather keeps me in a happy place.

Then it hits me.

That smell that doesn’t really come around until the temperatures warm up. That distinct, awful smell coming from the trash bins. I can’t even describe how much that disturbs me. Last summer I would always tell myself that I was going to wash the trash can out and try to get rid of the smell. However, every time I thought about doing it, there was too much trash in it. Or I just didn’t have the time and energy to do it (AKA I dread washing that thing out).

Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator #ZepSocialstars

Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator for Outdoor Trash Cans #ZepSocialstars

This year is going to be different though. I now have the easiest way to eliminate that smell and instantly control the unbearable garbage odors. With Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator, all I have to do is sprinkle a little bit in the bottom of the trash can and it absorbs any leaks and spills sitting at the bottom of the can and has a citronella and cherry fragrance. After the weekly trash collection, I easily sprinkle in more and not worry about the odor again. So now when I am outside enjoying the fresh air, I won’t be smell that awful garbage smell anymore.

Controlling Garbage Odor Indoors

Not only have I been using it in the outdoor trash bin, but it is also great in the kitchen. I cannot tell you how many times we play a little game of ‘What is that smell?’ My little ones are great at trying to be independent, which means trying to clean up after themselves. This includes many times putting food into the trash can while ripping holes into the trash bag. Of course I never notice until it is too late.

I now add a little of the Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator into the trash bucket, under the trash bag, to control the odor (from pets, food, and diapers). Plus I have the security knowing it is there if (and when) the bag leaks.

Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator is available at Home Depot for only $4.97. What odors do you want to eliminate?

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