Turning a Walk with Kids into an Adventure Walk

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I’m sharing our fun adventure walks and snack with Goldfish® Puffs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales

One thing I love doing with the boys is to go on walks. Getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying the great outdoors is always a great way for us to relax. There are many different things we like to do on our walks to make them more entertaining, educational, and adventurous.

Favorite Things To Do on Outdoor Adventure Walks #GoldfishTales

School had been out for over a week now and we are finally use to having my five year old back with us daily. Last month we started planning some of the fun summer activities for the family. Our walks are always one of the best parts about the warmer weather.

A walk doesn’t always have to just be down the street or through the neighborhood. We are lucky enough to have countless parks and wildlife around our house. Each week or so I like to track down a new spot for us to explore. We have found new lakes, rivers, trails, playgrounds, etc. Last year we started doing and taking different things to each of our adventure walks.

How to Make Binoculars with Toilet Paper Rolls

One thing we made last year was binoculars with things we had around the house. To make these, we took two empty toilet paper rolls and wrapped them in crepe paper. You can also paint them, wrap them in construction paper, or just draw on them with markers. For added color and a more finished look, washi tape was added around one end. Then using double-sided tape, I attached the two. Next, punch a hole on each side of one end to tie a string or yarn so it can be worn.

Packing for an Adventure Walk #GoldfishTales

Before we go out, I always prepare pouches for the kids. It’s a simple clear travel bag that fits into my bag. We include crayons, a pocket notebook, and a snack of their choice. A small snack, such as Goldfish® Puffs, that can easily be used for counting activities is best (more on that shortly). With this, we will bring their binoculars, and a water bottle. Sometimes we take a plastic jar to collect things if it is a new adventure.

To make our walks more fun for the boys, here are some of our favorite things to do while taking our adventure walks.

Outdoor Adventure - I Spy with DIY Binoculars #GoldfishTales

  1. Play ‘I Spy’. We take turns playing I Spy and asking questions about things around us. It gets the kids searching and learning new things.
  2. Find the distance from one thing to the next. I will ask them how far away a tree is from where we are standing and they will walk it out counting out loud along the way. This helps practice counting and relevant measurements.

Outdoor Walk #GoldfishTales

  1. Fill collection jars. Sometimes we take plastic jars to collect things along the way. The last one we did was filled with fallen leaves, acorns, different plants, rocks, twigs, and a little bit of dirt. Any excuse to play in the dirt is good for them!

Outdoor Adventure Walk - Drawings #GoldFishTales

  1. Draw things they see around them. We take a break in our walks to draw our surroundings. They pull out their crayons and make trees, ponds, the sun, clouds, or anything they like on the walk so far. It’s fun to look back on the previous trips from months ago and see how their drawings have changed.

Snack after Adventure Walk #GoldfishTales

  1. Enjoy a snack outdoors while discussing the different things that they drew. Once they are done drawing, I ask them questions and we keep the conversation going through a snack. Their snack choice from a recent adventure was Mega Cheese Goldfish Puffs. The gluten free snack has a bold flavor the kids enjoy eating and playing with.

We also use Goldfish Puffs as counting activities. For example, I will ask how many trees are to the left of us and each of the kids will take out the number of Goldfish Puffs that they count. Or I will take out a few Goldfish Puffs, show it to them, and have them write down how many I have. It’s a fun way to our activities going through snack time.

Outdoor Adventure Necessities #GoldfishTales

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