A Simple & Fun Way to Brighten Someone’s Day with Just a Card

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Parenthood and adulthood can come with rough days, be frustrating, and downright stressful. I’m not alone here, right? There is always so much going on. We are trying to be at five places at once. We are trying to multitask when we are already doing three other things. Sometimes, we just need a laugh.

A Simple & Fun way to Brighten Someone's Day with Just a Card #TrendyCards #shop

Simply making someone else smile on a bad day can make me smile, too. While I have been super busy and overbooked at home, I know my husband’s days are just as crazy with his long hours at work. There’s not a single person I know that doesn’t need a little laugh every so often.

Hallmark Funny Zone

One thing I have always loved doing is placing things my husband likes, or little notes, around the house in places he would randomly find them. I thought it would be fun to take that up a notch and get some greeting cards ‘for no reason at all’.

Why does there have to be a specific occasion to make a trip down the greeting card aisle at Walmart? Last week while I was frantically getting school supplies for my son, we strolled down the cards and I was immediately drawn to the Collections for Hallmark Funny Zone.

Hallmark Buzzworthy Cards #TrendyCards #shop

There was a section with limited-time only Buzzworthy Cards (rotated every few weeks to keep relevancy). They each had catchy and humorous one-liners and jokes. They are perfect for my husband and friends, especially since they always tell me I need to lighten up a little. They’ll never see it coming. I decided to grab five to have on hand for random days. Five is also the magic number for Hallmark Card Rewards Program. For every 5 Hallmark cards purchased, even at Walmart, a reward is earned.

Now for the fun part! Randomly place cards in places you know they will be seen! Just one card once a week or as needed. Maybe a loved one is having one of those days that seem like everything is going wrong. Then it is time to strategically place a funny card to make them smile.

Hallmark Buzzworthy Summer Card #TrendyCards #shop

After a long day of yard work and the scorching heat, my husband is exhausted and on the verge of getting a sunburn. I have a card for that! Placed in the bathroom right next to the after-sun lotion. The inside is a nice little suggestion to grab a beer, as well.

Hallmark Buzzworthy Card in the Car #TrendyCards #shop

Some people really drag in the mornings and aren’t that thrilled to get into their car to head to the office. I have a card for that! If it’s been a rough week for the hubby, I like to leave a little note or something in his car that he will find in the morning. A funny card about the weather, buckled into the driver’s seat is definitely a way to start his day with a smile.

Hide Greeting Cards Thoughout the House #TrendyCards #shop

Another good place is in the towels, or dresser. Somewhere your loved one goes every morning and they can’t miss it. I am normally still sound asleep when my husband gets up and heads out the door. So it’s always a surprise to find something from me when I’m not even awake yet.

Hallmark Buzzworthy Card for Spouse #TrendyCards #shop

This card really made me laugh because it seems sweet and sincere on the outside. Something like the cards I normally purchase for him.

Hallmark Buzzworthy Card for Spouse #TrendyCards #shop

Then on the inside is the humor that will sure make him laugh. A little something to say, “Have a good day. I’m thinking about you.”

These fun cards can also be used for friends or co-workers. If someone is having a long, stressful day, instead of just asking them if they want to hit happy hour, leave a Buzzworthy Card on their car.

Use a Funny Greeting Card to Invite a Stressed Friend to Happy Hour #TrendyCards #shop

The possibilities are endless! With the cards rotated every few weeks in-stores, I can easily go grab newer ones to keep the laughs going and continue to make loved ones smile.

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