My 10 ‘Go-To’ Items for a House Full of Sick Little Ones

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With three little ones in my house, it doesn’t take much for sickness to be passed around. It’s hard to quarantine a 2, 4, and/or a 5 year old. They always have to be playing (not necessarily getting along), with one another, even when they don’t feel the greatest.

10 'Go-To' Items for a House Full of Little Ones

Since my oldest started Kindergarten this year, it seems the boys have been sicker more in the last few months than they have in years. It’s like the sickness in lingering around the house and refuses to go away. We cannot catch a break. The last few weeks have been full of runny noses, continuous coughing, plenty of sneezing, and much needed rest. It just won’t go away.

My Sick Little Ones

To help get through these rough times, there are 10 things that are always in my house and readily available.

1.     Cozy Blankets: Lots of snuggles on the couch when they are under the weather.
2.     Movies & Books: Something to keep their attention. I like to get a couple new ones here and there.
3.     Hugs & Cuddles: Ok, not an item, but very important to do with the sick little ones.


4.     Water: Hydration is always important.
5.     Tissues: In the last two weeks, we have went through almost 4 boxes.
6.     Thermometer: I keep an eye on their temperatures hourly.

Little Remedies Cough Syrup

7.     Sanitizers: Hand sanitizer and hand washing for everyone to prevent more germ spreading.
8.     Disinfecting Spray/Wipes: Trying to keep the germs out of the air and off all surfaces.
9.     Honey Cough Syrup: There is a time when less is more and I try to stay away from products and medicines that have a long list of ingredients. When three kids are coughing, I feel most comfortable giving them Little Remedies 100% Natural Honey Cough Syrup. Little Remedies whole line of products helps relieve fevers and cold and flu symptoms in infants and children (ages 0-11). They use the fewest ingredients possible with no artificial flavors, artificial colors or alcohol. I have been using it a few of their products for years. The Honey Cough Syrup has always been a favorite of mine and my kids.
10.     Saline Spray/Drops: Sometimes the kids have really dry and irritated noses. I like to use the Little Remedies Saline for non-medicated relief to sooth their noses.

Must-Haves for Sick Little Ones

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What is your ‘go-to’ item when your little one is sick?

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