Ten Frame Addition Practice – Printable Worksheet

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I’m sharing a ten frame addition practice worksheets using Goldfish® Crackers as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #GoldfishCrowd

Bringing education into the home is more than just helping my first grader with his homework. I like to create activities and get my preschoolers involved at the same time. I have found one of the best times to sneak in some learning is at snack time.

Ten Frame Addition - Free Printable Worksheets

When my oldest started bringing math assignments home, I quickly became familiar with ten frames. They were creating number sentences using ten frames daily in his first grade class. To help out at the house beyond homework, I created a simple worksheet for the boys.

Free Number Sentence Ten Frame Printable

To get a clear picture of the two numbers that are being added together, using two different colors in the frames is extremely helpful for the kids. When we take learning to snack time, it means two different types of snacks. I would often pull out two different varieties of Goldfish® Crackers for the kids to use and have a snack.  However, they also have Goldfish Mix cracker varieties that have two 2 different crackers & flavors right in one package.

Goldfish Mix Cracker Varieties

There are three varieties of Goldfish® Mix: Xtra Cheddar + Pretzel, Chocolate Mint + Pretzel, and Honey Mustard + Pretzel. All pack a blast of flavor and a fun change up at snack time.

Free Number Sentence Ten Frame Printable

For the worksheets, I created this printable, which has 2 sheets on it. You can print as many as you would like. I printed a few and laminated the sheets to make them reusable with dry erase markers.

Free Number Sentence Ten Frame Printable

There are a few different ways you can use the sheets with the kids.

  • Place the Goldfish® crackers in the ten frame for the child to complete the number sentence.
  • Write the number sentence and let the child add the crackers to the ten frame.
  • Write the number sentence, but leave the answer blank and let the child add the crackers to the ten frame and solve.
  • Write the number sentence, leaving the second number blank and only have the first number shown in the ten frame. Let the child figure out the missing number to make the statement true.
  • Let the child create his own true number sentence and fill in the ten frame.

Free Number Sentence Ten Frame Printable

Free Number Sentence Ten Frame Printable

My oldest son prefers to make his own number sentences and show his brothers how he did so. I like to add the Goldfish® crackers to my preschoolers ten frames and let me figure out the number sentence. It is an activity that we can use often. The best part is once they get it correct, they enjoy their Goldfish® crackers from the problem.


Free Number Sentence Ten Frame Printable

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2 comments on Ten Frame Addition Practice – Printable Worksheet

  • Karen

    Thank you! Finally found a great FREE and EASY printable ten frame for my son! Greatly appreciate :)

    • Samantha (author)

      You are more than welcome!!

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