Prepping for the Holidays with Samsung at Best Buy

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Halloween is around the corner, and while I don’t want to admit, that means the hectic holiday season is in full swing. Like it or not, it’s not too early to start holiday planning and prepping with meal plans, schedules, shopping lists, etc.

Prepping for the Holidays with Samsung at Best Buy

We do a lot of entertaining at our house. When it comes to the holiday season, our family and friends comes over more often than usual, filling our home with hours of laughter and love. With each gathering comes tons of prep work, cooking, baking and countless hours in the kitchen.

After our first year hosting all the things, we began talking about how a double oven would save a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen. Then last year after the holidays, we immediately went to Best Buy and not only ended up with a new Samsung Oven with Flex Duo™ (better than just a double oven), we also upgraded all our kitchen appliances to Samsung. It was one of the best household decisions we made, as the benefits quickly started adding up.

Now with the holiday here, I am ready to see just how more efficient we will be in the kitchen and how much time it will save us on those hectic days. For example, with the Samsung Oven with Flex Duo™, I will be able to bake a side dish at the same times as a pie. That is a total time saver!

Samsung at Best Buy

There’s also the Samsung – Microwave Combination Wall Oven with Flex Duo™. It has WiFi connectivity, which would be great to have. You can remotely monitor your oven for peace of mind. Turn on/off, preheat, and adjust temperature or time from your smartphone for the ultimate cooking experience. That would be extremely convenience during the holidays and also good for my anxiety.

Then there is the Samsung Family Hub 4 Door (also WiFi connectivity). One of my favorite features is being able to see our calendar and schedule, as it is always in-sync with my online digital calendar. Another benefit is the shopping lists that can be accessed from the refrigerator screen, and on my smartphone.  I can even see what is in my refrigerator and set expiration notifications to make sure all our food is fresh.

Samsung Prep at Best Buy

Having the latest technology in our kitchen, definitely works out great for us. We are ready to take on the holiday season in full force!

Visit the Prep for the Holidays page here to browse all the Samsung kitchen appliances. Don’t miss this Best Buy offer: Get 10% off when you buy four or more Samsung kitchen appliances.

What is your favorite feature on Samsung kitchen appliances?

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