Slimming Down for our Beach Vacation and Swimsuit Season

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This month sure has been the busiest so far this year. Every weekend booked, countless deadlines to meet, and family-time made. With all the hectic things going on, I started sacrificing some of my ‘me time’. My biggest regret lately: leaving out my 30 minute workout.

Getting Beach-Ready with Slimfast #14daystoslim

One of the main reasons I was working out daily was to get ready for the summer. Not only do we spend hours outside every day, but we also go to the pool weekly. I want to be ready for swimsuit season this year. I want to be ready for the beach. We are taking our first big family vacation at the end of the month. It will be my first time to the beach since having my three little ones. Let me tell you, having three kids within 30 months really took a toll on my body.

I don’t need to be as skinny as I was pre-babies, but I really would love to shred some extra pounds. Eating healthier hasn’t been that hard, and at first, working out wasn’t either. I was going strong with the workouts for over a month, seeing great progress and the motivation stayed high. Then I had a minor injury, which postpone training for a little over a week. I picked it up again, but quickly got overwhelmingly busy. I found myself working through my slotted exercise time.

Vacation Countdown #14daystoslim

The busier I got, the faster the month flew by. The next thing I know the month is over half over and now I have less than two weeks before we leave for the beach. My swim suit and beach clothes don’t fit as great as I would like them to. Losing those extra pounds is ideal, but I don’t have much time.

Slimfast for Swimsuit Season #14daystoslim

That’s where the Slimfast 14 Day Slimdown Program comes in. It’s convenient enough to accommodate my busy lifestyle, easy enough to follow each day, and a way to help me lose up to six pounds in the first two weeks. Since two weeks is the time I will be sitting on the beach soaking up the sun, the timing couldn’t be better.

Each day of the program consists of two Slimfast Protein shakes or meal bars (replacing two meals), one 500-calorie meal, and three 100-calorie snacks (or pieces of fruit) without exceeding 1200 calories and drinking plenty of water. It is recommended to do 30 minutes of light to medium exercise daily, which I have covered just keeping up with my little ones and going to the park with them.

Slimfast Meal on-the-go #14daystoslim

This week I have been drinking the Slimfast Limited Edition Piña Colada Protein Meal Shake. The 180-calorie drink has that delicious tropical flavor that reminds me of being on the beach. I love having an easy meal for on-the-go. I can focus my morning on feeding my boys, cleaning the kitchen, and getting us out the door. When we are on our way out, I grab a shake for the road. When lunchtime comes, ank the kids are fed, I sit down to work. It is convenient to enjoy another shake while I am sitting at my desk.

Lose Up to 6 Pounds in 2 Weeks with Slimfast #14daystoslim

I know in two weeks I will be ready for the beach and hopefully swimsuit season. To make slimming down a little more fun, Slimfast has a fun sweepstakes going on right now. Until May 27th, Take the pledge to slim down with Slimfast for 14 days, enter the sweepstakes for a chance to be one of two $5,000 grand prize winners (given as a gift card to a specific retailer or a Visa/Amex gift card). For more information and to enter, visit their sweepstakes or Facebook page. Be sure to follow Slimfast on Pinterest for weight loss recipes, tips, motivation, and more.

Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season #14daystoslim

How are you getting ready for swimsuit season?


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2 comments on Slimming Down for our Beach Vacation and Swimsuit Season

  • Sandra

    Great post, I am up to the challenge. Have a great vacation!

  • Nicole

    Sounds like you are well on your way to being beach ready! Enjoy your vacation!

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