Monster Snack Mix for Halloween Parties

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For my Halloween Monster Bash Party, I shared different snack ideas, including this one. Snack mixes are always a favorite of mine for parties because there are various ways to serve it and it makes a great party favor.

Halloween Party Idea - Monster Snack Mix with free printable treat bag label!

Since the Halloween Monster Bash had an orange, green and purple color scheme, I wanted to add some of those colors into the mix. I decided to use the same color melts as I used for the Monster Treats on a Stick over pretzel sticks. You can skip this step, if preferred.

Halloween Candy Melts

Place a wire cooling rack over a baking sheet. Line pretzels on the rack. The wire rack will allow the melted candy to coat some of the sides.

Place candy melts in a small microwaveable container. Microwave each color as directed on the packaging until completely melted.  Add each color to a freezer storage bag and snip the corner (very small snip, if you make it too big, the melted candy will come out way too fast).

Candy Melts Drizzled over Pretzels

Squeeze out each color of melted candy over the pretzels. Allow to harden for a few minutes once complete. Then, gently detach pretzels. I left some together to hold more color. Some of the candy might fall off, but that’s okay.

Another option is to dip the ends of pretzels in the candy melts.

Monster Mix Snack Ideas

Monster Party Mix Ingredients:

  • Candy covered pretzels
  • Popcorn (I recommend not using buttered popcorn)
  • Variety of candy eyes
  • Fall colored M&M’s®
  • Candy Corn Marshmallows (I only used those in the large bowl since they are big)

Other options you can add to yours:

  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chex cereal
  • Halloween sprinkles
  • Candy corn
  • Chocolate chips
  • Peanuts
  • Any other small Halloween candy

Monster Snack Mix with Printable 'Monster Mix' Treat Bag Labels

Print these ‘Monster Mix’ labels out here to make favor treat bags.

Monster Party Snack Mix with Printable Labels

I used 4×6 plastic bags that can be found at Walmart (100 for just $2) for the snack mix. Seal the bag, then fold the label in half and staple onto the bag with two staples at the bottom.

Halloween Monster Party Snack Mix

For our party table, I had the snack mix in a large bowl and in single serving plastic cups for the guests.

For the full party setup, visit the Halloween Monster Bash Party Ideas!


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Do you have a favorite Halloween treat recipe? 

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